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  • Linda Iazzetta

5 advantages to assume GenZ

Hello everyone!

I am just a girl belonging to Gen Z, very similar to the previous generation but with different goals and dreams. Why am I here to spend words talking about the kids of the future in the workplace? Let me introduce my generation.

F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote years and years ago that "Youth is a dream, a form of chemical madness and for sure this is not an exception for ours. Who are we? The ones born in the new millennium, full of resources and skills, developed around an interconnected network, always online and never offline with the brain.

I will not be here to list the stereotypes to be demolished because unfortunately those are everywhere and always will be there. Maybe that's the beauty of being different, right?

I will never forget how ever since elementary school they have always offered me a direct approach with technology, which once was one of the first models of the computer or the Nintendo DS, the Wii and PlayStation. Why is it important to highlight this? This means that GenZ is much more used to always staying in touch and developing a wider social network than the previous one, also due to a feeling of distrust and fear. When we have the first approach to a new job, the first thing that naturally comes is to try and integrate, "mark the territory", make friends and demonstrate the thousands of skills that we have. Not to mention, the ton of spontaneous and innovative ideas. Now, I challenge you to look back and think about the progress that has been made in recent times. Let's take 2020 as an example. We took to the streets to manifest for LGBT rights, climate change and global warming (and the advocate is just a 17-year-old girl!). Let's also remember the Black Lives Matter movement and how much we have suffered for the hard lockdown to which we have been subjected, perhaps wasting one of the best years of our lives. This is to show that GenZ believes in the dream to change and improve the world, to transform it and make it become a place where everyone is free to manifest and be.

GenZ enjoying free time between lessons

This is precisely where I want to quote the article from one of the most ambitious people, I have met during my university career, Amandine Labar. She writes in her article “GenZ: Travelers of All Time” that:

Generation Z is innovative, free creativity and change. Creativity consists in generating more ideas and combining them to obtain the best result.

Precisely for this reason, hiring a staff that falls within the GenZ is beneficial for the workplace. Used to having creative ideas and easy ways of trickery, we will find an inherent solution to the case quickly and brilliantly. Another article I'd like to mention is that of a dear friend of mine, Ravish Goope. In his article "Fighting Generation Z Stereotypes in Today's Workplace", he writes that:

In a sense, we get bored quite easily with a monotonous job, how passionate we can be about it.

I refer to his speech which for me is very relevant to what we are talking about. Have you ever thought why we get bored so fast or why we don't dedicate ourselves 100% to something that doesn't particularly catch our attention?

There are several scientific studies that explain this phenomenon that simply lies behind the feed reload mechanism of whatever social media we want to consider. We go to Instagram, we are bombarded with a thousand stories, posts and photos from people from all over the world. This would also explain our incessant desire to visit the world, to live experiences, unfortunately far from home but with an insatiable hunger for curiosity. Nor should the sense of belonging and equality shared by GenerationZ be overlooked. From an early age we have been used to approaching each other, whether they are from another nation, ideology, culture, color and whatever else you can think of.

Infographic made by the author

This is because GenZ highly believe in a harmonious society and in equality above all workplace. The language that enables globalization, English, has also raised the interaction between people and that is why we travel and communicate much more easily than previous generations. Increasing globalization consequently increases the value of equality which is becoming a dogma. More than many and many years ago a historical figure once said that: “Young people are not vessels to be filled but torches to be lit”. Kids of the future need to be stimulated and directed towards the right path and you can be sure that you will not be disappointed at all with the result. Hire young people, and you will take on a pinch of genius, as only young people know how to have it and trust us that even if we are sometimes a little unconscious, we have a lot of things to show.

Thanks to those who took a few minutes to read this article and don't doubt even a second of the potential that is in each of us. Comment and tell me what you think!

See you around.

Author: Ms Linda Iazzetta, Hospitality bachelor at Hotel Institute Montreux (HIM), from Italy.

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Apr 19, 2021

we do strive for a better world


Apr 18, 2021

this is very informative and interesting essay


Apr 13, 2021

Such a good introduction and very relatable article to all of us! Really enjoyed reading this and make me consider about how many opportunities we have! Nicely included quotes too!

Apr 12, 2021

I like this quote in your blog “Young people are not vessels to be filled but torches to be lit”, I think our generation has limitless possibilities, we need to be seen and to be motivated. I love your blog, it has a interesting topic.

Apr 10, 2021

I feel inspired by your article. Sometimes we live and study in a good environment, but we don't realize how great our ability is. Thank you for making me feel the power of being a Gen Z with your stories and words!

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