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  • Alessia Reccagni

A #throwbacktoGen Z: we are simply what you need now!

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

You’ve all already heard it before: Millennials are lazy, baby boomers are anti-technology and Generation Z are just addicted to social media.

You’ve also probably already heard thousands of Gen Zers complaining about these stereotypes and justifying themselves by saying how they really are…but do we need that?

I don’t think so!

My name is Alessia and yes, I’m from Gen Z, so?

It’s not the generation when we born that plasm our personality, but the context where we’re immerse. Nowadays, people from most of generations use technology, simply because we’re living in a digital era aiming to get things done fast…and we need technology to do that. Digital natives or not, we are in this together!

We all use the phone to stay in contact with the others and we all use Google to discover ‘how to train a dragon’…. More or less *LOL*

The author with her family members

So, there is no point of taring generations with specific traits, because: We are all Gen Z! And if you do not feel like us, you can still acknowledge that our attitude is something helpful to easily approach the future.

We are facing now one of the biggest crises the hospitality industry will ever see so let’s #throwback to Gen Z and remember why we’re simply what you need!

A deep love for challenges, the courage to face new experiences and the ability to adapt frequently are what feature our generation….and this is exactly what hospitality needs at the moment.

It is true that the sudden spread of COVID-19 has deeply overwhelmed this industry by generating travel restrictions and dramatic changes, but our determination is stronger and we are ready to demonstrate it!

Hiring Gen Z professionals is a win-win choice, because as my colleague Klara Bergerud pointed out Gen Z is exactly what the hospitality industry needs.

You are maybe asking yourself ‘How can you say that, Alessia?’ ‘How can you be sure the hospitality industry needs us?’

The answer is very simple, Gen Z is very simple.

And to be honest, I had the pleasure to learn it by myself during this global lockdown. Maybe Covid-19 is impacting our worldview, beliefs, and expectations, but this is not necessary something negative.

The limitations as the only-option restrictions are something that induced businesses to completely reshape the way in how they communicate, engage, and target consumers.

And while older generations during quarantine stayed concerned about job prospects, us Gen Zers just took the opportunity to show our great potential and motivation.

We invested these difficult times to raise our knowledges and skills. And now we are ready to contribute in the professional world with creativity and innovations.

The Author with other Gen Zers mixing fun and professionalism

Personally, the great free time of quarantine stimulated me in take part to several online courses regarding topics as marketing, economy and portfolio management and you know what happened?

I found myself more likely to risk and I started a new business about food delivery.

It has been my first investment and I based it on a new concept developed with my father’s help. Combining his experience with my visionary attitude the result has been a perfect union between the past and the present: a successful approach for the future.

Gen Z is an emerging work-force in which is found a deep flexibility to collaborate with the others generations. These innovative contributions are something hospitality recruiters should not forget especially nowadays.

The Author with her family: when past meet present through generations

We have knowledge, but we want to keep learning from the others. We are talkative but always ready to listen. We may wear casual but we are always ready to switch to our professional attitude. We know how to adapt to the environment around us, to the generations around us, and the great thing I discovered is that they are able to do the same!

Now, can you imagine the power of an alliance between us and older generations?

Will be a continuous cycle of learning and teaching without never stopping.

So dear HR recruiters, employers and member of other generation: don’t forget us, we are simply Gen Z and we are what you need! And you? Are you ready for this switch into the professional world?

If you are a Gen Zers aiming for this change don’t hesitate to share this blog post to remember the others that we are here! Comment with #ThrowbacktoGenZ and tell me how you’ll contribute in the future hospitality industry!

Author: Alessia Reccagni, Hospitality Bachelor Student at Hotel Institute Montreux (HIM), from Italy

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