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  • Bruno De Leoni Ramos Da Costa e Silva

Companies have to adapt to Gen Z

Hotel Institute Montreux - Gen Z students
Hotel Institute Montreux - Gen Z students

In my opinion as someone from the previous Generations, known as the Millennials and hopefully as a future manager for the Generation Z or iGeneration. I believe that the Companies have to adapt to Gen Z. One of the reasons why we as Millennials have to keep in mind the iGeneration is one of the generations that had to suffer through some hard times. With their parents loosing their job in the economic crisis, which in turn has made them more aware of keeping their own money. They are one of the few generations that have gone through the 9/11 terrorism attack and other such attacks, which has had a major impact in this generation. So personally, I believe that they are things that we have to keep in mind when dealing with Gen Z.

As a Millennial I believe companies have to adapt to Gen z, because they are the ones that will further progress their progress. There are several points that we have to consider when we are dealing with them in order to keep in mind when dealing with Gen Z. One of the first points that I would consider that we have to be aware of is that Gen Z. As I mentioned above, they have seen the causes of the terrorism and economic depression in the modern years. This in turn has caused them to be aware of economic and want to avoid taking ideas such as Student loans and so forth. Because they are aware of the value of money, hence they are not really willing to spend money the same way as we Millennials do in this time and age. They give value to it, making sure to save it for what really matters to them and their families.

Another thing to be kept in mind regarding this as Millennials, we have to maintain the idea that the importance that we give to “Life and Work Balance” is no longer as important, although its still important. While we Millennials seek to find the balance, the Gen Z seek more focused on the idea of climbing up the ladder in their career. Although there is another point, which we have to address is the fact, which they are after the Holy Grail of job for them. Meaning that they are searching for the job, which they inspire the most or give the highest value to. The other factor that I would say is important to them, but is also a factor that we as Millennials are also giving more and more value to is the idea of Corporate Social Responsibility. In my personal and professional opinion is something that is important, not only for us but for the future generation after Gen Z.

So they look for companies that do this idea of giving back to the community or the environment. They no longer want to work for a company that does not keep in min the impact that they can do to community. An example of this would be how most especially my self would fell about the actions that Trump has done to leave the Paris Convention. So in away they are looking for companies that give back to the community, they are not really more interested in the fact that is just about profit. They are more concerned about the idea of giving back to the community; I believe that this is important, especially with the current predicament, which we find our self in of having damaged the ozone layer.

Collaboration with Gen Z is needed
Collaboration with Gen Z is needed

There is another factor that we have to keep in mind when dealing with Gen Z, is that they no longer like to work in groups, rather they enjoy working individually. Although we have to maintain in mind, that is not that they do not like to work in groups, but rather they choose to work individually, because they want most of the credit. If we make them work in groups they are able to, but they want the credit for their work rather than sharing it with someone. They prefer to have the credit, but they are willing to work in a group. But in their own choice they prefer that they want to work by themselves. While we as Millennials, of course I am exception to this rule, like to work in groups to achieve our goal, so in this sense I am more like the Gen Z, due to the fact that I prefer working by myself.

They have a big disadvantage over us Millennials, since they grew up mostly up with texting and Whatsapp. Meaning that they are not used to working face to face, which is something that especially in Hospitality is needed. So a lot of them not all of the Gen Z, will have to learn how to deal with clients face to face, since they are more used to communicating in social media and text message.

In conclusion, I would l like to remind you and myself especially, that while we do have to keep this in mind when we hire the Gen Z, we should not and must not just use this information. We have to judge someone by the character, because Millennials who like to work in groups, while I am Millennial myself, I prefer to do my work alone. While I do not mind working with others, in away I believe that we should not lose the focus that each person is an individual and as such we should treat them as an individual. But when dealing with Gen Z we have to keep in mind some of these factors, while most might not apply to a specific person. We have to watch because some of them might be like what has been described above and hence we should be aware of this. There are exceptions to the rule. So regardless of what I am saying here about Millennials and Gen Z, I ask that you do not focus on the information here. The information here is something more or less to keep in mind, since their might individuals within Gen Z that do not fall into this. I feel that these are more or less guidelines of what we might expect, but do not judge Gen Z only by these standards written here.

Let me know if you agree or disagree with me on this point leave me a comment? If you enjoy it, please share it.

Author: Mr. Bruno De Leoni Ramos Da Costa e Silva, Hospitality Master Student at Hotel Institute Montreux (HIM), from Brasil and Italy

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May 26, 2020

For me as a representer of generation Z it was very interesting to read your blog about "Us" from a millennial point of view. I am agree with you almost in every characteristic and I would appreciate a lot if my manager would keep in mind the information you have had mentioned.Thanks for sharing


Jul 24, 2019

As a millennial, I like the way you try to contrast the two generations and especially to understand some general characteristics of Gen Z from a millennial's perspective and also as future employer! Great work!


Jul 24, 2019

Very interesting viewpoint on Gen Z. The only one that I do personally question with would be the disinterest of working in groups. I do believe that I, as a Get Z, do enjoy working with the right team to further our progress together and achieve success in mission, rather than just want personal success. I do agree with corporate social responsibility as this is growing in most industries and becoming more appreciated. Nevertheless, interesting viewpoint on identifying the identity of a generation! It's no easy job. :)

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