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  • Sarah El Khoury

Gen Z, a lot more than what you think we are!

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Generation Z also known as the new generation that always finds the “easy way out” and “does not face new challenges” specially in the workplace.

Gen Z stereotypes are a lot more than what people think we are. It is very common for people to create their own assumptions about us, and specifically judging us before actually knowing us. In this article I will be talking about what other generations think about us and how we prove them wrong. You will be surprised by Gen Z’s characteristics.

You think we’re lazy?

I will be honest about this. Yes, we are, in fact everyone is but when we have to work or focus on something, we do it with love and passion. Let me give you an example. When I first started my internship, I wasn’t at my best. Just by going to work, smiling to people, and getting a smile back, was my first motivation to start my day. You see? These little small things can decide whether you’re having a good day or a bad one. Being an intern from Generation Z made me realize how we adapt in different working environments. It is hard at the beginning, but our passion to do things makes it a lot easier on us. One of Gen Z’s characteristics is that we are the hardest working generation.

We stay hours sticking onto social media applications?

Social media became the strongest platform to promote businesses. We do spend most of our time on social media, but this is when you have to understand that social media is not only about showing off, a big part of it is about cultures, businesses, health, news or even spreading awareness. And don’t forget that is has become part of our workdays. Companies hire people from LinkedIn and Hosco. When you apply to a hotel, the HR managers go through your Facebook or Instagram accounts, so remember, always keep it private and professional.

We have a lack of interest and care?

In a family of three kids, at least two of them, if not all of them, are studying abroad. We invest our time for 3 years approximately to study in a country away from home and get out of our comfort zone by being away from our family and friends, just to get the maximum level of education and a successful career for a bright future. This shows how much we care for our education and how we will affect other generations when working or even communicating with them. Feedback is a necessity for us as it helps with correcting our mistakes and improving ourselves.

Gen Z mood after work

We never pay attention to detail?

Gen Z’s characteristics are known for perfectionism. When I was on internship, I couldn’t leave the workplace without making sure everything is clean and perfectly prepared for the next day. This is done in order to ensure that it will be easier to set up the following day and would result in an increase in efficiency. So, this shines the light on how us, generation Z stereotypes do pay attention to detail as we find it more convenient and it reduces the risk of error that may occur towards the customer.

We just follow our dreams?

Of course, we do, just like everyone else. But we do it in a different way. We don’t just follow our dreams, but we find every experience possible to maximize our knowledge as well as exceeding and achieving our goals. Doing an internship abroad was the experience I needed to broaden my knowledge but there are still many different experiences we can go through that will help us adapt in the hospitality industry, which is one that is always evolving.

You made till the end! Gen Z’s characteristics are not perfect, but we try to turn negative situations into positive ones. It is very beneficial having a Gen Z around, especially in the workplace because they have a different outlooks and ways of thinking than older generations; thus, they can come up with new and innovative ideas. Reading this article will also make you realize a lot about Gen Z stereotypes.

Thank you for reading my blog post. I would be really happy if you share it and comment below with your thoughts about it.

Author: Sarah El Khoury, Bachelor student at Hotel Institute Montreux (HIM), from Lebanon.

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Apr 13, 2021

Love all the points you made!! Great videos and pictures!!

Apr 12, 2021

Great post!!! Yes, too many stereotypes have been imposed on our generation, no one is perfect, different generations of people have different influences on the world, we should not be defined!


Apr 08, 2021

I liked how you listed all of the pros of the labels that our generation is being accused of!


Aug 23, 2020

Hello, Sarah!

It is really nice that you have explained the most famous stereotypes about Gen Z. I found a lot of things in the post that is relevant to me.


Aug 23, 2020

Great post, Sarah! I really agree with you regarding the idea that we always go out of our comfort zone for the better and also adapt to changes easily. The best example is, as you said, making the decision to study abroad in an international school. Keep doing the good job!

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