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Gen Z and Y: So similar, yet so different at workplace

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Each generation is unique with their own challenges and lifestyle. The two largest generations that have the biggest impact in the world are so called Gen Z and Y. As we started living in more modernized world compared to other generations, we have a lot of common things in terms of working. However, there are still differences as each generation has its own view in life. Companies started seeing that Gen Z is the future in the workplace compared to Millennials, and trying to find a way to encourage us. Gen Z and Y are so similar yet so different from each other. So let's compare by talking about my sister, who is 27 years old and is under category of the Gen Y, and myself, 21 years old, being from the Gen Z.

Two sisters - two generations

My sister was growing up during the period when technology was developing, the world was opening to new changes, new information without having any boundaries. In her generation, they tend to live step by step, such as, going to school then university and finding a suitable job. My sister graduated university in London with finance degree, even though she was an artistic person and wanted to open her own art studio. However, she was influenced a lot by our parent's opinion and needed their approval about big decisions she does in her life. Later on, by our parents suggestion, she started working in Deloitte which is an audit company.

In the beginning, she was mainly focused on just doing the work that was more or less interesting, but useful for her experience and future career path. Her generation does everything in order to keep a good job and have high concentration during the working hours, as well as accepting longer working hours. However, as a compensation the company was providing different trainings especially for the new members, telling the importance of each employee's role in the company, setting clear goals, giving different projects and creating a positive team spirit. By observing my sister, these actions from the company started making her enjoy the work and motivating to work at her best. After two years of working there, she got married and decided to quit the job as it required a lot of commitment.

After doing everything in her life by the principle of 'what would be better', she finally opened her own art studio that became successful. Nevertheless, I could understand her and our parents because each of them grew up in different generations with different mindsets. Every generation is so similar yet so different from each due to the reason that we take part of a lifestyle from the previous generation and have something different in the new generation.

"What would be better?" Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash

Looking at the youngest generation, Gen Z, we have our own point of view in life. My generation tries to live their life to the fullest by not following the mainstream. We don't know a life without technology: phones, access to internet, social medias and streaming. For us, using different devices and platforms is our normal daily routine. In the universities, colleges and even in schools the usage of technologies has influenced a lot the way we live, work and communicate. The life started becoming digital to us, therefore we receive faster more new information. In my generation, we do not follow the basics steps of life, as we life to do something different.

Compared to my sister, I chose what I want to study in the university and explore all the possible opportunities there are. The reason why gen Z is the future is that young people while studying, participate in social activities and projects, launch their own start-ups, intern in companies and hotels to have more experience. By doing internship in the hotel, I started exploring and got to know more about the hospitality and restaurant business. Last year, in Kazakhstan, I was voluntarily doing a two month training in the restaurant chain called "La Baca Family". I was trying myself in different positions and restaurants in this chain to broaden my knowledge in these sphere. After finishing the cross training, I got news from my father that I became a shareholder of this restaurant chain and got to participate in different kind of meetings. I realised that in my generation, there are more and more young business men and women, which also inspires me more. Gen Z are great at multi-tasking, being innovative, but we get encouraged by having high-tech tools, comfortable working place, good communication, flexible schedule, ability to speak up as well as seeing clear goals and growth. As it can be seen that gen Z and Y are so similar on how to be productive in the working environment, yet so different on the way we look at life.

Each new generation is the improved version of the previous one, therefore the last generation has different mindset on living.

By comparing two biggest generations, it shows that we have common characteristics when it comes the way we work and learn. But, each new generation is the improved version of the previous one, therefore the last generation has different mindset on living. It is considered that Gen Z is the future as we will make boost growth in the way we live, work and communicate because we are constantly learning to new things, being innovative, checking everything on the internet, make our own statements.

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog! If you would like to share your thoughts, please e-mail me:

Author: Ms. Lazzat Saldarova, Hospitality Bachelor student at Hotel Institute Montreux (from Kazakhstan)

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