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  • Anasatasia Sahramanova

Gen Z: Capture the Moment, Capture the Youth

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Hi people, hope you are doing well, I have a curious question to ask you: have you ever thought about your current moment of life, otherwise, youth?

Gen Z students having fun, capturing the moment

I want to talk with you about one very relevant topic for our Gen Z generation – being young, in a current moment. And no, it is not only about the tough and all the beautiful parts about it, let’s take a more general look on all the perks of being young and the common fears of Gen Z generation which might hold us back and not to open our full potential.

One British politician, Herbert Henry Asquith, once said:

"Youth would be an ideal state if it came a little later in life.”

I wanted to refer to this quote since people often don’t realize the value of a moment they are currently living in, they think tomorrow is a better place to be and yesterday is a bitter-sweet nostalgia we will never be back to.

The same is with the youth, we look back in childhood and back to our laptop’s screens to cry about the assignment and dream about the playground and kindergarten, meanwhile looking into the ‘’unknown’’ future, where everything is so ‘’scary’’, competitive and serious. However! What is a nice place to be, guys, right now, in the youth? Simply because it is a combination of our two most important stages of a human being’s life: childhood and adulthood.

We can be cheeky, serious, suddenly sad, or laugh because of something extremely silly, we do have a lot of responsibilities but still have a lot of energy to be doing our best. We should appreciate it and use it, no fears are able to stop Gen Z, the most flexible and adventurous, to achieve our biggest desires and dreams.

Let us take a look at our fears with the other eyes, the eyes of the older generations. A survey was conducted among the older generation where they were asked "What do you regret that you could not do when you were young?"

Some of the answers were: the desire to live for themselves and not to meet the expectations of others, the desire to stay close to their friends, the desire not to worry about what others might think, the desire to live in the present moment and, finally, to give themselves a little more rest.

We all got fears, which is absolutely okay, I want to demonstrate the most common fears of Gen Z’s which were revealed after the survey regarding different life spheres.

Author with her friends during the Christmas lunch 2020

Here is the small optional guide for the things you can do it starting today:

Take each opportunity to try something new, even if you are scared. By trying things people find their passions in life, never try – never know, easy like that.

Don’t rush. Patience is the key! The good result (which I know you want to get almost immediately, but, hold on) will never come in 2 or 3 days. To master something – spend more time practicing

Be positive and open-minded. The outcome of your work depends on your mindset, because if you think positive – you attract positive.

Don’t put yourself down for the failed expectations of your work. Come on, even in the Hollywood movies people fail, not even once, meanwhile, in life, the rules of the game can be even more strict, don’t take everything personally

Support the people around you. We all are individuals with a different need of support, some of us are confident in their new beginnings, someone needs help and emotional charge. By helping others we gain experience and new connections with people, we exchange positive emotions, which is very important for our psychological health

PLEASE RELAX! Take time to have a good rest, overloading is not the key to success, at least for your good health success.

In the following infographic are represented some of the common fears of Gen Z and some tips how to fight it:

I think, at least once in your life, you have been concerned about these things listed above. One of the killer constraints of our generation can be seen as the phenomenon known as Black & White Thinking, meaning that we accept some situations either in a positive or in a very negative way, overlooking the golden middle, the mixture of these two.

Black & White thinking cannot be applied to life always, take negative moments and add positive advantages to it, capture the moment and live your life to its fullest, since life is a mix of ups and downs and this is what makes it beautiful, remember, everything we go through in life gives us a priceless experience which otherwise can’t be gathered.

Thank You for making it till the end, please share in the comments one of your fears you think is stopping you from getting what you really want, let’s talk about it together!

Author: Ms. Anasatasia Sahramanova, Business and Hospitality Student at Hotel Institute Montreux, from Romania.

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Jul 12, 2021

i support you point.

Apr 09, 2021

Now is our best time, walk our own way, not to regret things, and to live positively every day. This article gave me a lot of enlightenment


Oct 27, 2020

Hey Anastasia, I loved this blog, really opened my eyes to appreciating moments in our life, I also loved the TikTok!

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