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  • Huynh Le Quoc Bao

Gen Z: Coping with Stress

Hello everybody!

I am currently following term 5 of the Bachelor program in Hotel institution Montreux and this is the very first time that I study abroad and join an international university. Obviously, everything is different from my hometown in Vietnam, including social life, friendship, and especially, educational programs which made me trapped in struggle at the beginning. Throughout out spending nearly 2 years, I finally and establish my own method to avoid being in the same situations. Therefore, I will share with you some tips that I have been taking so far to cope with stress

Imagine, a young boy from a faraway country in Asia coming to Switzerland to explore hospitality without any awareness of cultures or ways to connect to people while other students got on well with that very soon. Moreover, the limitation in English proficiencies was the biggest problem to catch up with the studying process. That was me 2 years ago when struggling with long-term depression but at the moment, I am totally out of those situations and totally enjoining my student life.


Author (on the right) was guiding his friend to play guitar

There are a lot of interesting activities for yourself after stressful studying time. Spending free time to get on well with instruments such as guitar, flute, drum… can be absolutely a good idea when the melodies will help to feel relaxing, tranquil but also increase your ability of creative. There are many methods to approach such as tutorial videos on Youtube, channels, specific music books or helps from friends when they showed me basic knowledge and some tips to practice effectively. It was a great challenge from the beginning but the positive effects will appear when not only I can enjoy my rhythms but also gaining the courage to show them in front of many people when I had a chance to perform my skills in the online class and my banquet last term. Just a small effort but it has brought many advantages when I can cope with stress and have a group of friends who share the same passion.

Author was taking pictures of Leman Lake

Living and studying in Switzerland, no one wants to miss a lot of fascinating and breath-taking landscapes during short 3-year studying. Therefore, If indoor life is too boring and suffocating, photography is one of the best activities I would highly recommend. if you don’t own a digital camera like Nikon, canon… mobile phone will play as best pal in every journey. Personally, I quite enjoy the moment when the class finishes at 3pm or 5pm, preparing all necessary objects and rushing to the lakeside, hills…for exploring new scenes and concepts. Those picture albums of captured moments will be totally precious and interesting when they will remind you of your journeys in Switzerland. During the trip, I can fresh air as well as exercise to better physical health before getting back to my room and post some outstanding pictures on social media to share my journeys with my friends.

Group- activities

Author (on the left) and his friends playing football in Montreux at weekend

If you have a group of close friends, that would be perfect because you have many plans with each other. The more the merrier. Those football matches, friday night badminton, camping or long-trip cycling, and sightseeing across neighbor cities at the weekend with your buddies are absolutely ideal activities for Gen Z to cope with stress and having a good time competing with them in your favorite sports. When joining the first football match, I felt: “ ok, it is not so bad at all, I should join for the next time”. The more I join the more friends I have and share with them sorrows and joyfulness during the times staying here. Therefore, I feel no longer the pressures of life and studying anymore because I know there will be friends are standing by my side. Consequently, this method will be helpful when you are heading to the upcoming stressful things in your life.

Now, it is your turn to find start your journey to fight back stress. Don’t worry and don’t let them swallow you. Just keep calm, find your interesting activities and rock it

Thank you very much for taking your time going through this blog post and hope that my activities can be helpful to you when dealing with stress. If you have any other interesting methods, leave comments below.

Author: Huynh Le Quoc Bao, Hospitality Bachelor Student at Hotel Institute Montreux (HIM) from Vietnam

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sounds challenging at the start but also comes with a lot of fun and new experiences!



Thank you for sharing these useful information! Now i have more experiences to dealing with stress in specific and with all problems in general.

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