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  • Kirill Sorokin

Gen Z in higher education.

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Hello there on the other side if you are reading these thoughts of mine you are either Miss Claire Jollain or I've been chosen to be one of the lucky ones to be published and share my “wisdom with you” regardless of who you are good luck with reading it:)

Nowadays education is considered one of the most important aspects of our lives as we study for almost ⅓ of it. According to the researcher's people which higher education earn about 56% more in 2015 than individuals who didn't finish university. Never the less if you would look at the 5 richest people in the world 2 are drop out of university which makes 40% of top 5 richest people in the world who owns around 150 billion us dollars for this money you could build 100 Burj Khalifa which is 830 meters high which is the distance from the Hotel Institute Montreux to the train station and back. So is the education that important for your future life? If yes why and in what aspect, because right now we can see that some of the richest people managed to be very successful in life without it.

Pirates of the Caribbean banquet organised by students

I would start this discussion with the way the education works right now. You go to your classes you listen to your lecturer or at least try and to take the information that you can keep in your head, at least until the exam comes when you start studying like a crazy person in order to pass it and to get the grade that will help you to go to the next term or to get the job you want, so it seems that this system is fair but in reality it doesn't work, as most of the students tend to forget what they have been learning for the past x amount of time in a matter of weeks as we don't pay attention to it any more we tend to put all this information somewhere at the back of our mind which causes us to forget all the information that we have learned in past weeks. Logically comes the question if it even makes sense to study all this time to go to all these lectures and study for them as most of the times the experience will matter a lot more for a company than your diploma or the number of hours you've spent in getting the degree.

Inspiring view from student bedrooms at Hotel Institute Montreux

After all what I said about education and how it affects my future in my vision, why did I choose the Hotel Institute Montreux? Well I didn't really have a choice because I was slightly pushed into the direction of this university by my father so, to be honest with you all I didn't really have a choice, so at first, I was slightly disappointed in it there were some things that I found not so logical or some things that I didn't agree on. But as the time went by I realised some huge advantages of Hotel Institute Montreux one of the most important things for me that this university provides the possibility to do internships all over the world which will give you experience and the ability to see the world and meet completely different cultures and people, won't lie it is not always a pleasant experience but you need it to go through your life because the world is changing and you have to be able to see world from different perspective in order to see how things will be tomorrow like those riches people saw.

To summarise I believe that it is very important for Gen Z in higher education to find some work experience in order for us to understand how life actually is instead of just learning it off the theory, we should go and experience it and I believe that universities that give opportunity for this to happen will give the most for the students rather than all the ones where you study even if it will be the most well-known university.

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P.S. thank you for taking your time to read my thought, hope it made some differences for you as you managed to get to the end or if you are Miss Claire Jollain hope you didn't find it too hard to correct.

Author: Mr. Kirill Sorokin, Hospitality Bachelor student at Hotel Institute Montreux (Russian Federation)

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May 23, 2020

I completely understand you of having no choice before entering the uni :) I learned about HIM after I got the possibility to study here.

And really one of the biggest advantages of the university is a chance to receive working experience during studying and to leave HIM with 100% possibility to continue working as a full-time employee.

I hope that soon all around the world including Russia and Ukraine will start to apply same methods for education process )))

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