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  • Mert Basaran

Gen Z succeeding in international universities

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Hello, everyone! I've just finished my classes and I immediately went up to my university’s terrace to enjoy the beautiful weather and the outstanding view over Lake Leman. To be honest this is my little place of thinking from where all of my ideas and inspiration arise. That’s why I wanted to start my blog post here and I thought it would be a great opportunity for you to understand that all of us need, from time to time, a place where we feel comfortable, like a shelter. After this confession, I hope I will still be able to find a place here…!

Getting my inspiration

Now let’s get into our actual topic that I am really happy to share with you. Are you trying to guess what’s about? Don’t worry, I will tell you in the following sentences. As some of you may know, 2 years ago I made the decision to study abroad and I chose Switzerland. I’ve been studying here for more than one year and that’s why I can call myself a Gen Z behaving in an international university. Therefore, with this post, I want to make you understand why Zoomers have such a great potential to succeed, especially in education.

Infographic made by the author

iGeneration, Gen Tech, Digital Natives or however people call us, it’s fine. Don’t get offended. What they don’t know, but they're gonna find out as time goes by, is the fact that we are very friendly and open-minded and, therefore, it is easier for us to make new friendships, everywhere and any time. For this, I will give myself as an example. One year ago, when I came to HIM I was totally lost. At that time, I didn’t know anyone. Just imagine...hundreds of strangers and dozens of different nationalities, all happening under the same roof of an international university full of Gen Z with completely different behaviors. Okay...there were also some Gen Xers, our lecturers. But never mind. What I want to point out is that at the end of my first day in Montreux I ended up in a bar with a bunch of people from HIM. I felt like I had known them my entire life. On top of that, I’ve also gained about 50 followers on my Instagram account and over 30 phone numbers. And that was only the first day. Being part of a generation essentially born with a smartphone in our hand is not that bad as other people make it sounds. And to be honest, I think that knowing how to use technology nowadays is something very beneficial that helps us, the Zoomers, to have a greater potential to succeed than any other generation.

From left to right: Me 🇷🇴, Gabi 🇮🇹 and Gioele 🇮🇹

Likewise, we are also one of the best regarding our ability to adapt to changes and to face challenges. The best example of mine is the decision to get out of my comfort zone and to move away from my family at a very early age. I was just 15 years old when I left my parents’ home...and I opted for a better education in another city. It was the first time when I gave up my old friends, my pets and also my big and fluffy bed in order to make my dream come true. At the beginning it was so hard, I was crying every single night, missing everything that I have had before and no one knew that, even my mom. But I manned up and I motivated myself to go on, to follow the path that I have chosen. And I managed to do it.

So next time when someone asks me which are my strong points regarding my personality I will say this. That’s why Zoomers are so special and have such a great possibility to succeed. Because we are strong! We're gonna rock it, guys!...Time passed and now I’m looking at myself and wondering how much I improved and how professional I became. In the photo below you can see how graceful Gen Zers are and how they behave in an international university. Even Mr. Slade, our lecturer, is shocked and at the same time pleased by us and our style.

Dress how you wanna be addressed!

For instance, Gaelle Boutros, a colleague of mine, wrote about how unique each Zoomer is, but what makes us similar is our motivation when it comes to the passions we have. And when this happens, performance is at its best. What do you think? Where does your motivation come from? Let’s get to know each other better!

Author: Mr Mert Basaran, BBA Student at Hotel Institute Montreux, from Romania.

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Apr 06, 2022

Strong message about our generation and nice video skills!!


Oct 07, 2021

I have felt very identified in that we are brave when it comes to making difficult decisions and fighting for what we want.


Jul 11, 2021

im very interesting in your topic! thank you for sharing your life style and your performance.


Apr 13, 2021

Good video and interest intake on the topic!


Feb 05, 2021

Interesting, includes anecdotes, pictures infographics making it very interactive.

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