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Gen Z talk to you: Hello Gen Z, Work, Work?

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Dear Human Resources Director, this is the direct message from a current Master Student of Hotel Institute Montreux, about what I have observed how Gen Z’s way of thinking for their future work.

For many years the company or organization are focusing on Millennials but the youngest generation that will entering the work place are now entering their formative year, and this lead to so many companies realize that Gen Z is different from Millennials. However, all these past years the organization only focusing the Millennials and ignoring the fact that Gen Z will be next generation that will entering the work place.

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From my surrounding friends and my younger brother that are Gen Z, their lifestyles and behaviors is totally different from my generation the Millennials, although some facts and behaviors might be similar but it does not mean that using the way we treated to Millennials to Gen Z. Gen Z they are digital natives, and have grown up amid events such as the "war on terror" and Global Recession. Unlike us as a Millennials, we have met the non-digital world before, therefore the way of Gen Z thinking is slightly different from the us.

What I have observed from my younger brother which is Gen Z, and ask him what he think about the work, is that as a Gen Z that graduated from high school are more than happy to joining the work force rather than going straight to the college and listening to a boring lecture that are not attracting them, some Gen Z don’t want to paying the college loan debt and they are more than happy if the company willing to educate them, therefore I suggest that the institutes and colleges should change the way of teaching and educate to attract the Gen Z, such as having an online course which many Gen Z are now studying by having an online course including my brother. As a student of Hotel Institute Montreux, I am honored to said that the way of H.I.M’s teaching is always following up the trends and generation. The Institute know the behavior of the new generation of student by using an iPad for each student, which is paperless and this is what Gen Z focus, Gen Z are more concerning the world and environment.

Gen Z are more independent not just in their workplace but also in their school works, they prefer have their own personal workplace and Gen Z are more concerning if the work is suitable for their personality or not. From what I have observed my younger brother is that Gen Z are much more multitasking, they can do several things at one time but Gen Z attention span is lower than other generation, this could affect their job tasking.

Gen Z behavior and personality are much more optimistic vision than other generation, and more diversity through the social, but in a another way they also are much more realistic, tolerance in their workplace and outside the workplace this is due to they are grown up during the “War on terror”, which lead them for no second chance for the upset situation.

The challenges that the workplace will face is a physical office, this is because Gen Z are changing the way of the workplace doing, they are digital tech they know how to work with the technology, and it doesn’t mean to them that working in an office is a must. They can working with their job anytime and anywhere, therefore I want to suggest to the organization and the company is that we can provide a place for Gen Z to have a certain places for their work, but the company can be flexible where they want to work. If there is any problem that need to socialize, Gen Z can use the facetime or Skype method to face to face contact each other.

HIM Students trip to Zermatt

Another challenges is the pace of which get done, Gen Z is unlike Millennials which Millennials are more concerning on the work-life balance, but for the Gen Z they think the work-life balance is not working. What they think about is work-life blend. Work-life blend is Gen Z doing their work and enjoying their life together at the same time, which is very unique and awesome in a same way. They get the their work ideas and adapt to their work, no matter where and where. And as a student of Hotel Institute Montreux, the Institute have really success in doing the work-life blend, student work on their school work, but also enjoying the event that the school held, which really inspired student giving the idea to related to the school work that the lecture gave it to each student, however it does not mean the events that school hold in every week will inspired the student to do their school works, after all it’s all depend on the student itself.

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Author: Ms. Cindy Chen, Hospitality Master student at Hotel Institute Montreux (Taiwan)

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