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  • Feifei Ren

Gen Z: You Should Love Yourself Better Than Anything

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Few weeks ago, a journalist went to the street to interview the young generation of Gen Z. The question was simple: "Do you think the physical examination report of Gen Z is good and do you dare to see yours?" Surprisingly, a lot of young people answered that they didn't dare to look.

I just read a blog from ZLab, Gen Z, we are different, which saying about the Gen Z actually more care about their physiological and safety needs, and belongingness and love needs.

Gen Z students enjoying Switzerland

I want to add something more, which is as a Gen Z, we should also take more care about our bodies. We are too focus on the study or work and forget to look after our own health sometimes. How many Gen Z people really think it is necessary to increase the health awareness in the early age?

We always feel that we are still young and have a lot of time to waste, and good health and energy to use as well.

The mid-term exam is coming, many students will stay up late to review, in order to make up for the time of drinking all night. For us, it seems that these unhealthy lifestyles have little impact and it's too early to have the health awareness.

But is that really the truth?

Gen Z Sleep Status Report (done by the author)

01 I really don't want to go to bed early even I know it is bad for health

The reason why the physical examination report of Gen Z causes some fear is actually very simple. They are very clear that their lifestyle has problems, so they are worried about the danger signals in the physical examination report.

I was born in 1996, and I'm the Gen Z generation. I notice that many young people of Gen Z are not very care about their lifestyle.

Take me as an example, going to bed at 12 o'clock is early. Normally, I stay up later until 2 or 3 a.m. in the morning. Sometimes because I go out to take a drink with friends on weekends, or sometimes I rush for homework or review for the exams, or sometimes I play my computer and watch TV shows. Unconsciously, the time passes so quick and it is already late.

I also know that staying up late is bad for my health, but when I am really busy or want to relax, I can always find other reasons to comfort myself.

Using more and more expensive skin care product, putting more and more masks on my face, and eating more and more health care products, just trying to fake that I am still OK.

Sometimes I even don't eat breakfast because I wouldn’t wake up in the morning, but I make myself a delicate and healthy lunch.

It's easier to cheat yourself than to live a good life.

The physical examination report is more terrible than the transcript.

02 Bad habits can be deadly

"If you don't maintain your health, it will slip away from you." —— Arthur Schopenhauer

Some of Gen Z 's young people describe themselves as "20-year-old age, 30-year-old or even 60 or 70-year-old bodies." There are always parents who say that this generation looks so healthy but actually they are too weak.

In fact, I have a lot of small physical problems. For example, I will get tired and sleepy easily, and I will be out of breath after running a few minutes. In the past, I would do whatever I wat without thinking too much. Since the past two years, my physical quality has declined significantly. If I sweat and blow cold wind, I will have a cold the next day. If I take cold drinks during my menstruation, it will be so painful after few hours. The most obvious thing is staying up late. Once I stayed up late to do the project until 5 a.m. and I could feel that I was having a palpitation, I couldn't get over it after several days of rest.

Have you ever had such an experience? When you are playing with your mobile phone and checking the social medias, suddenly you see a crowdfunding post that someone needs a treatment immediately? And that person is your peer friend? Or have you ever seen the news that some teenagers who stayed up late playing games and died suddenly?

People who look healthy the day before may not be there the next day. Life doesn't joke with you, no matter how young you are. It is never early enough to increase the health awareness for Gen Z young people.

In the past, I always felt that I was still in a young and vigorous age. It didn't matter how many nights I stayed or how many drinks I had. But no one found out that those bad habits that we didn't seem to be very serious would really give us the most fatal blow if we really ignore them.

The author’s picture with her classmates after the Banquet service

03 There is no “if” in the life, love yourself

Beside the big warming from the physical examination report of Gen Z, according to a Cancer Rate Statistic on the Internet, malignant tumors have shown a trend of youth, and the cancer rate of young people around the age of 20 has greatly increased.

I always thought that disease and death are still far away from our Gen Z generation, but I didn't expect that the health, we thought we had, is quietly leaving away because of our bad habits.

In fact, the most terrifying thing is the death of peers. In the twenties, the colorful life just bloomed, but it is in a hurry to end.

As a generation Z, we should never take for granted the health because we feel young, which will lead us to be negligent and ignorant. If we don't pay attention, we may never have a chance to say "I'm sorry" to ourselves for the night we stayed up and the alcohol we drank.

Do not overdraw the body, because we all know that there will be no miracle after consuming our body. There is no “if” in the life. We never know which comes first, accident or tomorrow.

Therefore, I hope we can all increase the health awareness, eat on time, go to bed early, work and rest healthily, and don't go to extremes.

Share this blog to those Gen Z who you care about. Tell them and to yourself, love yourself, it's more important than anything.

Author: Feifei Ren, Hospitality Master Student at Hotel Institute Montreux, from China.

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10 apr 2021

You made me see my generation from a new angle! I wouldn't have realized how irregular our lives are if you hadn't told me. Sometimes we think we are still young to live in a self-willed way. But it is certainly a matter of concern. Only when one learns to love oneself can he/she love others better!

Mi piace
09 apr 2021

In this article, I seem to see myself. Contemporary young people really should pay more attention to their health.😂😂😂

Mi piace

15 ott 2020

This is a really good article! Everything the writer wrote in the article is totally right that I can see myself in it. I agree with her, our Gen Z should love ourselves more!

Mi piace

15 ott 2020

This article is really interesting and well-written. It is true that student stay up late sometimes just for nothing. In order to fix this we need to increase our self-awareness to understand how bad it is to stay up late for the our health. I hope myself can change this habits and have a better lifestyle.

Mi piace

25 ago 2020

Hello Feifei, I really much appreciate your concern about Gen Z's health habits. It is something we should all take into consideration. As a matter of fact the food we eat, the beverages we consume, the sleeping habits we have are getting worse and worse. The drug industry is getting better and better in a sense of creating pills and solutions to fix your broken painful body, unfortunately just for a while. The more we consume, the more maintenance we need. I hope that your article would be inspirational for many people!

Mi piace
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