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Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Once, a dream has changed my life. It was a special dream where I draw the picture of my future and came up with the view of my ideal place to study. Gen Z, are you excited to hear my story which will make you believe that all our, Gen Zer’s dreams become true?

It’s a proven fact that usually, a person is able to see from 3 to 7 dreams per night but almost 95% of dreams will be forgotten straight when you wake up. However, that night I had an exceptional dream which will remain forever in my memory.

If my memory serves me right, it happened with me almost 3 years ago. The whole day I was searching on the Internet about various universities that are ranked at the top of the market and about Higher Education that is being offered to such generation as Gen Z.

As a member of Generation Z, I give great importance to the electronic devices and Internet itself and believe that you can find all of the answers to your questions with the help of social media platforms. At that moment I thought that I can easily understand where I belong and what specialization and University will suit me the most. My goal was to find the university where I will not force myself studying but which will open my potential and expand my scope of perception.

In the end of long hours of searching and scrolling down vast lists of the best universities and courses, my eyes became heavy as “stones” and started burning so there was no better idea than to lay down and rest. After a couple of minutes my room was filled with the darkness and I fell into a deep sleep. Since then my fascinating journey began.

It was a brave jump into a world of my thoughts and dreams, my doubts and wishes. I saw a dream where I saw myself opening the restaurant, successfully running it and step by step expanding my business to a popular chain of restaurants. It was the first dream in my life in which I was actually thinking and feeling that moment was the reality. I started wondering about my further steps to achieve all the settled goals and understood that the best way to realize them is to receive a degree in Hospitality Management. I was so inspired and happy in my dream, so I wanted it to continue endlessly, however, suddenly I woke up.

I woke up with a strong desire to build a successful future and a structured picture in my mind of the perfect establishment where I would like to study. I continued researching and bingo, after 2 hours I came across the reviews about the Hotel Institute Montreux.

Infographic made by Ms. Valeriia Gutsalo

During the whole applying procedure I had a thought in my mind that this is the ideal place to study at and after I set foot in the doorway of the university, I realised that this is the place where my, Gen Zer’s dream would become true.

It’s a university where I strongly felt that I would become a highly-qualified professional in the hospitality business and would be able to realize all my ideas and apply all my imagination, creativity and go up my career ladder.

I strongly believe that in Switzerland Gen Z members can receive the proper education, broaden their minds and improve their language skills. Switzerland is the thriving country which stands out among others and offers the overseas students high educational establishments and one of them is the Hotel Institute Montreux.

University life in Hotel Institute Montreux

Being inspired by the article written by Ms. Zinaida Voropaeva “Generation Z studying in Hotel Institute Montreux”, I would like to share with my personal experience and highlight the main points that make the student’s life in Hotel Institute Montreux unforgettable and much more enjoyable.

As a member of Generation Z, I consider all the new technologies as the best tool for studying and believe that universities should have a new, modern approach to teaching.

Hotel Institute Montreux provides with up-to-date equipment by implementing new technologies and modern ways of teaching. At the beginning of my higher education journey, I received an electronic tablet- Ipad that allowed me to go directly to the university’s learning system platform, called “Moodle”. I was pleasantly surprised, that all the studying materials needed, were provided and available 24/7 to me. Generation Z, isn’t it magic and an ideal way for us to learn and gather new information?

Furthermore, the variety of courses that I have been learning during 2 years in the university is astonishing.

As a member of Generation Z, I can strongly prove that the best method to gain the knowledge for us is not to learn by heart the material or read long articles and “heavy books”, but to implement the given theory into practice. That is why I liked the program that the Hotel Institute Montreux prepared in such way that in the 1st term, I was able to come through the practical lessons of service and got acquainted with Food and Beverage and Bar and Beverage departments.

In addition, Generation Z likes when the lessons are held in an interactive way and when there is a possibility for them to direct all the strengths in creating their projects.

When I started my 2nd term, I faced with the project where I felt the spirit of entrepreneurship and tried to build my own restaurant, came up with menus, business plan, price setting etc. I was so excited to manage this interesting project because it would make me closer to my dream and give me some useful tips for opening my restaurant in future.

To not forget, Hotel Institute Montreux gave me an amazing opportunity to experience the world of convention management where our team’s goal was to manage the banquet for 80 people and get closer with all the small and tough details that might appear during the upcoming process.

Imagine, what an unbelievable chance for us, Generation Z, to understand how the event management works in reality and try to create something with our hands!

Gen Z in the “world of convention and event management” at Hotel Institute Montreux

There are no better ways for Generation Z to improve their skills in various fields and learn something new than through a wide abundance of creative masterclasses and workshops.

In Hotel Institute Montreux, I was able not only to visit the wine or chocolate masterclasses but to meet on workshops with representatives of various companies and a lot of influential people who shared with their own experience and secrets of their success.

Worth mentioning, Hotel Institute Montreux has a great influence on bringing up the best qualities in me and provides a great opportunity of completing 2 internships which will help me in future to open the doors into the Hospitality Industry and Business itself.

Imagine, at the age of 21 I will already have two experiences and be able to apply to work in the best luxury hotels or companies.

Gen Z at International Recruitment Fair

Truth be told, there were moments when I didn’t appreciate and didn’t like a lot of minuses and problems that I faced with during the learning process at Hotel Institute Montreux. However, approaching the end of my university life, I realized how much my life has already changed here and how many advantages and benefits the university offered to me!

If to rewind a little bit back, you will see me, a girl still full of ambitions, standing in the middle of the studying path and trying not to think of the real adult world. The world where is no place for big failures and where I am the only one responsible for my future. However, you know what, I am not afraid of ups and downs, I firmly believe that studying in such prestige university and becoming a highly-qualified professional in Hospitality and Business Management will help me to succeed in my life and achieve new peaks. After finishing Hotel Institute Montreux, I am ready to do my best during the upcoming years and show the world that members of Generation Z are part of a new, innovative and broad-minded generation that will break all the stereotypes and will change the vector of life for the best.

My ambitions, strong desire and positive attitude to work will help me to attain my goal and make sure that the second part of my dream where I am opening my restaurant will become true.

All things considered, I want to convince everyone who is reading this article that all the Gen Zer’s dreams can come true, you just need to believe and persistently go for your goals. Generation Z, let’s conquer this world together!

P.S. I would be glad if you leave a comment and share with me the stories about your cherished dreams that once became true and changed your lives.

Author: Ms. Valeriia Gutsalo, Hospitality Bachelor Student at Hotel Institute Montreux (HIM), from Ukraine

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24 ago 2020

This article is so visualized and I really like how you connect your dreams into higher hospitality studies in HIM. I agree with you more that I could, because I am so glad to be here in HIM since I have chosen and been imagining about my life in Montreux. The courses and all lecturers are so passionate and willing to give me a hand! I'm sure that students will make dreams come true with the best experiences, best studies in HIM.

p.s. Plus, the infographic is really well-made, can get information clearly from this.

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