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  • Jane Ziying Jian

Generation Z from Hotel Institute Montreux Is Proactive and Ready to Work

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Generation Z, which is also called Gen Z, is ready to take on the world. The oldest Gen Z is already 22 years old, in which most of the people are going to graduate from university and looking for their jobs. Gen Z has its own characteristics that make them stand out in the society. While others keep their view points towards Gen Z with stereotype, Gen Z prefers to speak for themselves and keep going. They have their particular points of view in working in a company and their goals in their jobs. Many companies have already been on the way of learning about the Gen Z while the Gen Z is ready to work. In order to build up the connection between the companies and the Gen Z, Hotel Institute Montreux guides and assists the Gen Zers with professional experiences so that the Gen Zers are better prepared in the companies.

Hotel Institute Montreux students at recruitment fair.

Gen Z perceives themselves in their own way

How do you perceive Gen Z? Do you hold the same points of view with the stereotype? What do you think about the Gen Z perceives themselves? Well, before hiring Gen Z, you probably need to ask yourself the questions like these. People used to think that the Gen Z is lazy and antisocial because it seems that Gen Z is constantly on their smart phone and internet and not connecting themselves with the real world. They think that Gen Z doesn’t like to work. The reason, why they think in this way, is that Gen Z prefers working without strict time and space limitation as well as they go beyond the work life balance. They regard the work as part of their life. In addition, they prefer to do what they like to do. Once they find the work they love and start to do that, they will keep doing it regardless of the salary and employers. The essential factor, that affects the attitude towards the work in Gen Z, is their ambitions. Gen Z is ambitious and most of them are clear about what is their ambition even though they were in the high school period. Therefore, when it comes to the time they need to choose the company or the job that they will work for, they will pay attention to the culture and the mission, vision and value in the company. They prefer to work for the company which is able to assist them to achieve their life goals.

Master students from HIM, visiting HUBLOT headquarters.

Gen Z is proactive in Hotel Institute Montreux

Gen Z perceives themselves as creators, innovators and activists. They are more likely to approach the problems instead of avoiding facing the problems. They are active and positive towards the problems. In Hotel Institute Montreux, Gen Zers are encouraged to be proactive when doing case studies. Most of the curriculums in Hotel Institute Montreux are designed to closely tied with the trends in hospitality industry. To take the course Food & Beverage Management as an example, lecturer would list 10 trends that the restaurants are following up to date and ask students to do some research on these restaurants. So that they are able to keep up with the trends and take initiative in the studies. The assignment of this course is a group project, which is to make a restaurant proposal in a real hotel. In this proposal, students are going to apply all the knowledge they learned from classes. Not only in classes do they learn about the theories, but also they do initiative research after class. What the lecturers taught in classes is the guide giving them directions to find the problems and fix the problems. Lecturers would like to use practical examples to inspire the students, the Gen Zers, to come up with diverse solutions to the problems. These examples are real, that enable the students to be proactive when they come across the similar situations. Most of the curriculums combine the theories and practical examples, which is good for Gen Zers to be more proactive in the industry after their study in Hotel Institute Montreux.

Gen Z is ready to work with social responsibility

Gen Z perceives themselves as being socially responsible. They care about giving back to the society. Hotel Institute Montreux put emphasis on the sustainability and corporate social responsibility in the curriculums. Gen Zers desire to solve the crises of the society. They are motivative in addressing the problems. Hotel Institute Montreux provides the opportunities for Gen Z to get to know further about the sustainable issues and take actions for that. Gen Z is getting involved in the operation of the school. They are encouraged to point out the sustainable issues and bring up the solutions. For example, the amount of food waste was increasing which was unsustainable for both the school and the environment. Hotel Institute Montreux drew the Gen Z’s attention and collected the solution ideas among the students. Gen Z from Hotel Institute Montreux is ready to work with theories and experiences.

Hotel Institute Montreux students travelling to Zurich

Hotel Institute Montreux helps Gen Z to chase their dream job

Studies shows that, about 32% of Gen Z consider finding a job is their priority. Another 32% of Gen Z look forward to working their dream job in ten years. ( Hotel Institute Montreux well understands this point. Thus, Gen Z in Hotel Institute Montreux are encourage to do internship in different hotels and different places around the world after the academic studies. There are career coaches who assist students to refine CV and prepare interviews. They also update the job vacancies to the students, though the vacancies they provide are not very often and not so many choices. From my point of view, what they could do better is to know about what kind of job Gen Z is looking for and evaluate the condition for them, so that they can help Gen Z get close to their dream job every time.

Gen Z is ambitious and proactive. They are desire to work and deal with problems. Hotel Institute Montreux dedicates in training students especially Gen Z and preparing them for work. I believe that after the studies in Hotel Institute Montreux, Gen Z is well prepared for their job. If you like this article, please share with your colleagues and friends and leave your comments below.

Author: Ms Jane Ziying Jian, Hospitality Master Student at Hotel Institute Montreux (HIM), from China.

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