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  • Hung Kin Chow

Provide right education for Gen Z

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Where does Generation Z favour to learn?

We all know Generation Z is the newest generation in the world and they were the first generations that had widespread access to technology. People who born after 1995 are defined as Generation Z. As you can also see in your daily life, some children already have their own smartphones or other smart devices. They have a connection with technologies. It is because technologies make our life easier and more convenient. Moreover, there are more and more video platform, online learning platform on the internet nowadays. People can easily find out what they want or learn from the internet, such as YouTube and Lynda.

According to the Pearson Study, I found out that Generation Z would prefer to learn from YouTube or watch videos form other websites, rather that reading books. There are 60% people who aged between 14 and 23 would like to prefer YouTube and saying that YouTube contributes to their studies. Generation Z is straight forward, they will always like to look for answers and something which is short and easily digestible. Internet is an efficiency and easiest way to find information.

Hotel Institute Montreux - Student Ambassador Forum

Importance of having teachers in life

So far, you may think about how good digital learning is and you may ask how about we can use technologies to replace teachers. At this point, I would like to say teachers are very important to students learning and development. Teachers will give moral supports to students. Students can be friends with teachers, share something interesting things to each other. Students will slowly accept and trust teachers.

Teachers are also feeling happy and motivated because of students trust them and they will try everything they can in order to let their students to learn more things and gain knowledge. They will even encourage students that never give up and give you some inspiring life lessons that you may not found or feel it from the internet. Moreover, teachers have a lot of experiences of teaching students and they have seen a lot of things. They will base on their experience and track students’ learning processes, then they will apply the best teaching methods for students. Once students have done their works, teachers will help to correct and explain detailly which part is good and bad until student understand and remember it. So that teachers can make students to improve and pushing them to a right direction. As technologies are well-developed, we can find a lot of ways to learn from the internet. However, internet can’t give you the same experience that having a real teacher. Internet can’t give students emotional connections and it will only give you the answers with explanations, but you may not fully understand what does really want to show you. I would say internet is a good way to gain knowledge and learn by yourself. Internet is just a like teacher without soul, they won’t tell you if you are going to wrong directions, you have to discovered by yourself. On the other hand, teachers are always here with you, talking to you and building relationships. They are not here to play with students, but they want to give the best educations to students. Generation Z is the future of the world, giving right values in life and providing innovative educations with technologies, I believe Generation Z will receive knowledge better and having a bright future.

Staff working for the Christmas party at Hotel Institute Montreux

Diversification of education in Hotel Institute Montreux

Hotel Institute Montreux is realising the trend of how Generation Z study. They are now connected with the generation in order to provide the best learning experience for students and learning in a lively mind. All students in Hotel Institute Montreux are received an iPad and use it during the class. Students are no longer needed to bring a lot of books to the classes, all they need is just an iPad. Lecturers are even use their own laptops or iPads to teach students by using PowerPoints. Students can also take notes from their iPad. There is also an organisation called Genius Bar. Genius Bar are set up by students and their objectives are to help students to solve some technical problems and suggesting some useful apps to students. So that students can use their iPad wisely. Generation Z now is not just like showing up to classes and sit through the classes, they would love to expect lecturers are fully engaged with students and make them be part of the learning process. They won’t like just the lecturers talking and showing you how to do. They will feel bored so easily and not listening to the classes. All the lectures in Hotel Institute Montreux always wants the best to students and hope they can really learn something from the classes. They use different ways to interact with students and catch their attentions. They will share some interesting YouTube videos which are related to the lesson to students and discuss about it during the class. The Dean, all the staff and lectures also believe that learning isn’t limited in classroom. Students should see more things from outside. Students will have opportunities to go Wine Expo, visit TAG Heuer and join interesting masterclasses. I believe all the students including me are also love the university life in Hotel Institute Montreux.

I hope that this article will help you understand how Generation Z study and why providing right education to them is important. Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

Author: Mr. Hung Kin Chow, Hospitality Bachelor student at Hotel Institute Montreux (Hong Kong)

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