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  • Anastasiya Selivanets

Recruit and work with students from Hotel Institute Montreux and Generation Z to be successful!

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Dear future students, this is a direct message from Gen Z learners of Hotel Institute Montreux about our special features, benefits that may bring fresh ideas in your team when you work with us!

According to the article of Karuna Harishanker ( for each representative of Gen Z education and career are the main aspects in life and that is true. I strongly agree that for me and all my friends, classmates who were born after 1995, choice of university that will help to find good job in the future is the most important one. All of us want to make a right selection of higher education program and be confident in it, to reach the top of career platform and create something unique in concrete sphere.

As an actual student from Generation Z and Hotel Institute Montreux I want to demonstrate how this university communicates with learners of my age, what it exactly offers and does to make us unique and professional future workers.

Hotel Institute Montreux: students at a gala dinner
Hotel Institute Montreux: students at a gala dinner

Below there is a list of things that I have experienced and received with the help of Hotel Institute Montreux as a part of Gen Z:

  • Ability to work with highly qualified lecturers who pay attention to details and show each student of Hotel Institute Montreux by personal example how to translate knowledge into the action. For instance, our lecturer Mr Dard who has an experience of work with famous brand like Hermes taught me how to make product that you represent luxury and what kind of rules exist in this specific sphere or Bar & Beverage lecturer Mr Slade who explained me how to become the beverage expert since he was employee of many famous bars in London.

  • Interesting courses that allows to understand exactly in which part of hospitality industry students of Hotel Institute Montreux want to work and that develops themselves as personalities. (Usage of presentations, online programs, videos during classes and excursions) I have visited Tag Heuer factory with my class and it was useful for me to understand how luxury goods are produced so now I know the whole way of production from the beginning.

  • Hotel Institute Montreux provides for Gen Z strong reputation and high recognition in hospitality industry so it allows to get perfect internship / work in the future. For instance, my friends who have finished studies are already actual employees of Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton hotels which are located in cities like Moscow, Geneva, Paris. Hotel Institute Montreux helped me to do my first internship as a hostess in Ritz-Carlton in Geneva and to gain unrepeatable experience in five-star hotel.

  • Creative masterclasses that let each student to get more knowledge in different spheres. For example, my favorite one which I have visited was “Cognac and Cigars” masterclass since at that moment I was studying Bar& Beverage subject so I was able to experience and taste each product that we talked about during the class.

  • Hotel Institute Montreux offers to Gen Z unique ability to work in multicultural collectives. I have classmates from Panama, China, Poland, Italy, India and many other countries.

All in all, Combination of Generation Z and Hotel Institute Montreux is the great power which will bring success to hospitality world and it is great opportunity for you to do the action now and to recruit or to work with us! I hope that this article is helpful because it may be used as a clue to find touch points with Gen Z learners from Hotel Institute Montreux.

Your opinions are important!!!

Hotel Institute Montreux students visiting Tag Heuer
Hotel Institute Montreux students visiting Tag Heuer

Do you think that this article was interesting for you!? If yes, please put a like, leave a comment or you can even ask me a question about Gen Z and Hotel Institute Montreux!

We need your feedbacks and connection! We need to know that you understand Gen Z students from Hotel Institute Montreux and know real us because it’s time for the action! Time when we need to be together!

Ms. Anastasiya Selivanets, Hospitality Bachelor student at Hotel Institute Montreux (Russia).

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