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Stop being Pessimistic! “WE” will be more successful than “THEM”.

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Hello my online friends! Probably, most of you are Generation Z! Or it could be our future recruiters? Who knows.

From the title, you won’t understand who is WE and THEM refers too. Generation Z might think that ‘We’ is actually mentioning about Millennials, right? Because that is typical of Generation Z. The truth is, ‘We’ refers to Generation Z and ‘Them’ is Millennials.

You read the paragraph above, I am pretty sure that some of you are completely agree and most of you, are kind of disagree with this statement. Before everything, who is actually Millennials and Generation Z? Millennials were born between 1980 and 1994 while Generation Z starts on 1995 until 2000s.

Generation Z are technologically advanced and comfortable with smartphones since their early age. “

Generation Z are branded with ‘generation of technology’ as we grow along with it that makes how easy technology is for us in a daily basis. This revolution changes a lot of our habits to spend more time in Social Media and use them as much as it is possible. While, it takes more time for them, millennials, to understand technology since they are growing in era between books and technology.

Honestly, I was totally confused the moment my teacher said “we will be more successful than them”. I have two sisters who are Millennials, while me and my younger sister is in Generation Z. We have really contrast characteristics. They had spent a lot for books while me and sister in the generation that are technologically advanced, prefer to save money and buy latest technology so we will be more up-to-date.

Two Millennials and Two Generation Z with contrast personality

I did a lot of research regarding that statement and these are the result:

  • Generation Z think a lot about a paycheck in a workplace as we are more motivated with the importance of job secure and pay raise

  • We have a strong competitive spirit and prefer to work independently

  • As we are multitasker, we could do multiple roles within an organization

  • Our generation has a strong entrepreneurial mindset

Somehow, those statement does really convince me to believe that we will be more successful than them, Millennials. No doubts, no more confusion. My sister and I, we definitely will be more successful without even trying to be. Weird, right? Then suddenly I opened up about this topic through my Social Media, on Instagram. I use the Instagram story features and asked my followers about this topic. We shared the idea and opinions about Generation Z that is completely changed my mind.

Some of them are given some statements like:

  • It is hard for us to be successful because we are lazy and complacent by technology.

  • We don’t have the fundamentals basic of attitudes because since the beginning, we do not really communicate with others and prefer to use WhatsApp, Line or WeChat as a tool of communication.

  • Both of them can be successful if they use their knowledge into the right place.

  • The successful one is the one who want to try and work hard, not because they are from this or that generations.

  • While only one or two who answer:

  • Yes, Generation Z will be more successful than them because we are easily adapting into things especially technology, in fact the future will be more and more in technology.

80% of them who answered my questions are Generation Z and they are definitely doubting about their generation, including themselves. Exactly the same feeling when the first time I’ve heard Generation Z will be more successful than Millennials for the first time. This is surprised me.

As I only research all the good things about Generation Z, this whole open-up-opinions made me want to find out what actually bad characteristics of our generation are. These sentences came up; they’re pessimistic about their prospects, they’re hugely anxious, and they’re deeply distrustful of the government ( ). Actually, I do agree with it. All the answers that I’ve got are really shown how these “bad characteristic” are stronger than the “good characteristic” and I want to bring up this topic to my blog, here, now.

All researchers believe that we will be more successful than them. Somehow, we don’t even trust in ourselves, how can those statements will be going to be true? Yes, I do agree that we are generation that are technologically advanced, we are multitasker, we are more realistic and we are focused on being entrepreneur. At the same time, we are anxious about our future, we are pessimistic about ourselves, we don’t trust on others. Does that still make “we will be more successful than them”? I don’t think so. It will never happen.

Statistics about Generation Z in lifestyle, career and marketing.

As we all now believe that we will be more successful than them, we need to get rid of all the bad thoughts out of our mind.

“We need to believe in ourselves, Generation Z, that we can change the world.“

As the world now adjusting us, then why we need to worry about things? Do not worry about the future, we are the one who build the future as long as we can be more optimistic, care enough with surroundings and of course, work hard. Nothing will be impossible. Of course, we need help from them, Millennials, the optimistic generation to help us the Generation Z to bring up a better future in life. For us, Generation Z, believe in yourself and just do it. ;)

Nevertheless, Hotel Institute Montreux can help you to build a better characteristic and education in hospitality industry. Build your future with us! Read Ms. Anastasiya Selivanets’ article to know more about our school.

Please leave a comment down below and I will be happy to see more opinions. Let’s talk about us, Generation Z!

Author: Ms Callisa Honny Indrawati, Hospitality Bachelor Student at Hotel Institute Montreux (Indonesia).

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