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The power of Gen Z

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

As the part of the Gen Z, I think Gen Z will have the great impact in the future work and global economics. So, what is Gen Z? Generation Z refers to the person who born between 1995-2012. People of this era is called Gen Z. Although Gen Z has just entered the workplace or just graduated, we cannot underestimate the power of Gen Z and how they will influence society. In additional, Gen Z is the important group of this digital age and according to the article Generation Z: 80% using social media daily, 65% share content. The study finds that about 80% people of Generation Z use social media daily.

I agree with that and for me social media is the indispensable part of my life.

I agree with that and for me social media is the indispensable part of my life. Social media helped me a lot, for example, I would like to learn how to make a website for my IT project and I found many videos on YouTube. I need to contact with the friends and family by using social media and I will get the latest news and fashion from all around the world on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and so on. It said that the generation takes up a stand fiercely on top social issues like Animal cruelty, cyber-bullying, and discrimination. In my opinion, Gen Z always have a stronger sense of justice than the previous generations.

Gen Z directly express their views online through various methods such as blogs and videos. I have seen many Gen Z slamming and commenting on the abuse of animals before and they advocated the protection of animals and protection of nature.

Hotel institute Montreux alumnus receiving Time Out award in 2018

In the article, it is said that people from the Gen Z post an original video at least once in a week . This means that Gen Z frequently update their videos on social medias and network. After that, many other GernZers will see the videos and this must leave deep impression and influence among other groups. Gen Z like use social media to share content and video and I think this will help them during working time. They will follow the latest information and if their job is marketing or IT department, social medias will be one of their strengths.

Most of Gen Z have business minds and know how to use social media to expand the market and increase the influence of a brand.

In this survey, it is also mentioned that 78% perceive social media as a platform for advertising or sponsoring for brands. Most of Gen Z have business minds and know how to use social media to expand the market and increase the influence of a brand. They will keep up with the trend and come up with new ideas. They will post if they buy some clothes or shoes from a famous designer and many Gen Z will ask each other for advices if it’s worth for this price and quality.

Hotel Institute Montreux student taking professional picture for her CV

It is said that 77% of Gen Z expect to work harder than previous generations. Now the young people are very motivated and have passion to work and try not to let the previous generations look down. They want to prove that they can do it well, although they are young. The 32% of Gen Z want to work in the management level to managing employees in five years after graduating from college. 20% Gen Z want to become entrepreneurs and 24% want to work their way up the corporate ladder. From the above data, they all have enough ambitions and confidence to work better. It can be seen that most of them want to be management level or start their own businesses instead of just being a staff member. One more thing is that they will consider if their potential organisations or companies are suitable for their ideal careers. It is vital for Gen Z to think about seriously the company they want to work for.

Gen Z want to prove that they can do it well, although they are young!

Another topic which is worth mentioning is career attitudes. The percentage of Gen Z who say their parents will help influence their career decisions is 82%. Gen Z is still too young and very easy to be influenced by parents because many Gen Z still study in school or just graduated. They feel confused about their future but I think they will do it better using their own power. 30% of them would take a 10-20% pay cut to work for a company with a mission they deeply care about. This new generation of people will care about the mission and environment of the organisations or company they would like to work for. If their feelings are not comfortable or they think the atmosphere is not positive, I think most of them will change jobs.

The top 3 reasons when they search for jobs are growth opportunities, generous pay and making a positive impact. While having chances for improvement, they want to have the satisfied salary and positive environment. Regarding the type manager or working hours, Gen Z are not concerned so much about that. Furthermore, half of them would like to retire before age 60 and 54% Gen Z expect to work until they are 61-70 years old. Most people want to retire before 70 years old and don’t want to work too late. They would like to have their free time and enjoy the rest of their life.

I would like to retire before 60 years old and go travel with my family. Many people don’t want to spend too much time at work in the old age.

Hotel Institute Montreux students playing during class breaks.

In conclusion, Gen Z is good at using social media and use it very often. Gen Z has certain requirements and expectations for their work and are motivated and have passions to work. I think the power of Gen Z will influence the workplace, thoughts, fashion and many other things a lot. I believe it is positive for all of us.

If you have different ideas or opinions, I am the very pleased that you leave a comment below. Let us discuss!

Author: Ms Co, Hospitality Bachelor Student at Hotel Institute Montreux (HIM), from China.

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