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  • Drazen Duric

When Military meets Hospitality

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Hello everybody!

I am going to tell you my experience and what I have learnt going through the military and then starting a career in the hospitality management influenced by the military. We are all different individuals, but all in all we are the same – hard working individuals who want to strive for the best at all times.

Being motivated and open for making a big difference, I started my journey as a soldier in the military. Very insecure in the start but always open for new challenges I did well. Starting to realize that this is actually something that I want. Serve the people but in a more hospitable way! Being able to follow rules and always do the best in the tasks you get; it opened my eyes for the industry of Hospitality. So now we know this, but how come that a lot of baby boomers are saying that we are lazy and do not want to work? When we actually are hardworking individuals.

The author and his friend (above) during a military winter exercise in -25 degrees

The author and his friend (below) during a break at HIM.

Throughout my career in the military I had much fun, the end was the best. Having the biggest exercise of all times made me connect with all kinds of people from all different nationalities. Which only opened my eyes even more for the hospitality management influenced by the military and its beauties. What if I could apply what I learned through my years in the military and actually make a difference.

The ability to communicate, the strong ability to work under pressure, great self-confidence, the vast cultural awareness, problem solving, and the strong decision-making skills are just some of the skills I would consider having brought to hospitality from my experience in the military. I consider all these as key elements of the success I’ve achieved until now. You don’t need to do the military like I did, but to being able to develop these skills also on a personal level at home. With maybe the housework or even in previous working experiences is very crucial and good to have for your journey as a mighty Gen Z and motivated individual.

The author (right side above), his platoon in the engineer battalion during a competition between the platoons

The author (right side below), his fellow students during Swiss Economic Forum 2020

Looking at the start of the Uni life in Switzerland, I can draw many similarities already to the previous experience. I need to follow a dress code – which you do as well serving in the military, I need to have an excellent appearance and grooming at all times – which is crucial in the military environment since you always meet superiors such as Brigadier Generals, I have to address my lecturers and the staff of the Uni in a proper way – which again is a thing you are living with in the military. All together as mentioned, no matter what we have done, we all have these building stones in us. Some people have more, and some have less. Some are rebels and do not want to follow the rules and that is normal for some. But for me and my fellow brothers in arms, discipline, self-motivation, self-confidence and INTEGRITY is the key to success. My fellow students and I share some things! We are Gen Z; we are hardworking, and we also are disciplined to achieve whatever we want! We are all on this road as a mighty Gen Z and motivated individual to achieve great things in our lives.

In conclusion to this post, the hospitality management influenced by the military is the best way to use your skills that you have acquired, like I did for example. As a soldier in the military – and as a mighty Gen Z and a motivated individual you will make it!

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this blog post! I hope this little post showed you exactly how similar the military and hospitality are. If you enjoyed it, like and comment by telling your experience as well.

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Author: Drazen Duric, Hospitality Bachelor student at Hotel Institute Montreux, from Norway

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Jan 19, 2022

Thank you for sharing your motivating story! Now, I have obtained completely new perspective between military and hospitality as before I would never even think about any possible connections.


Jul 07, 2021

Interesting story! A totally new perception to me. Military and hospitality, to me personally, do not seem to be relevant but in this blog, they have a strong connection. All the points are common sense but I do not think anyone has ever mentioned the similarities before.


Apr 18, 2021

I love your military experience and it is very special

Apr 12, 2021

Thanks for your sharing! Believe that your military experience was very interesting and made you stronger and more positive. Like you wrote, we are motivated individuals, we all have a lot of things we want to accomplish, we all need to be hard-working, confident and positive. Hoping we can become better people on the future career path.

Apr 10, 2021

I am so happy to see your sharing about the military life in the past, which also lets me know that the essential qualities of a worker in the hotel industry are so similar to those in the army. You're right. Passion, self-discipline, confidence and so on can all make a person strong. Congratulations you are becoming stronger, and also let us have a clear direction to work hard!

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