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When Miss Advocate Gen Z meets Mister Hospitality Management

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Hi everyone!

I am going to tell you a love story between Miss Advocate Gen Z and Mr Hospitality Management. A love story that tells you exactly the feelings once you enter the world of hospitality management

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

First of all, I’ll give you a little overview of our two actors.

Let’s begin with Miss Advocate Gen Z:

First name: Advocate

Last name: Gen Z

Status: Miss

She’s a girl (of course), a very sensitive person but determined and passionate. Looking for a guy that will help her to achieve her goal and to be aware of what talents are hidden inside her.

Next, Mister Hospitality Management

First name: Hospitality

Last name: Management

Status: Mister

A guy that all girl may dreamed of! He has a great reputation, helps people to be more connected with others by sharing smile and love. Offers opportunity (in many aspects) for all who come asking help from him. Whoa! I mean …. A handsome beautiful guy inside and out!!

Now, I will tell you the love story.

After the secondary school, Miss Advocate Gen Z searches a postgraduate program that match with her values, perspectives and personality. Her parents used to influence her. But she really wants to find out how to end this ineffective rule (their rule).

Then, she goes out with her friends to a student forum. After taking information and advices from booth to booth, she meets a guy named Mr Hospitality Management. Not really aware of what this guy can do for her, she takes his contact, email address and all about him.

Miss Advocate Gen Z knows that theorical studies will never match with her needs, she wants to mix between practicing and learning theories. Aware of what she really wants, she said “ok, maybe I’ll contact Mr Hospitality Management to know more about him, I am really interested”. This is her first step into the world of hospitality management, she will not realize directly that memorable experiences are waiting for her.

Hospitality Management world at Relais de Chambord, France (the author working in the front desk)

Time has passed and Miss advocate Gen Z starts to work with Mister Hospitality Management. She has feelings for him but hide it as much as possible because she’s shy and very sensitive and of course afraid of rejection (typical Advocate person). On the one hand, Mr Hospitality Management always pushes Miss Advocate Gen Z to do her best even if sometimes he needs more than she can do. For him, it’s a way for her to break the glass inside her and spread the potential talents she has, to take her out inside her comfort zone. He really wants to see the powerful Gen Z lovely person she is. But Miss Advocate doesn’t see it like that.

Starting to be closer each over, Mr Hospitality Management let Miss Advocate Gen Z to call him without the “Mister”, the same for Miss Advocate Gen Z, the “Miss” is removed. He said: “I am feeling old when you call me with the Mister! Just call me by my name and that’s ok!” (hum hum! There’s something). He sees himself as a bold young guy full of energy, ready to give it all for those who are in needs.

The world of Hospitality Management is not easy to manage for Advocate Gen Z but still handles it as much as possible because she knows that working and doing her best for him is the only way (and the best one) to see how far she can exceed and succeed. Hospitality Management makes her uncomfortable, and when he is around, panic attack! (yeah girls! You all know that feelings of insecure when a handsome guy is around you).

A picture that illustrate: “… to break the glass inside her…” (the author breaking the ice)

After several months working for Hospitality Management, Advocate Gen Z realises that she has feelings for him. Feelings that make you uncomfortable in the beginning but after considering the whole things, it’s a result from a mix of bad and good feelings that become a worthwhile situation.

Then, a day has come to Miss Advocate Gen Z to dare, to stand out from all the bad energies, to show how powerful Gen Z and lovely person she is… (guess what?). She remains calm and more confident (a big challenge for her) when Hospitality Management wants to work with her.

Hospitality Management and Advocate Gen Z start behaving like a twin within 3 years, everyone knows that there’s a kind of love energy between them but they don’t know how to express it.

Hospitality Management becomes romantic (all the handsome stuff behaves). He gives Advocate Gen Z an opportunity to go abroad, in a place where she can be that powerful Gen Z and lovely person. Instead of giving a bunch of roses, he gives Advocate Gen Z experiences that will change her life forever.

Advocate Gen Z falls in love more and more every day with his handsome boy Hospitality Management, and now…her passion for this boy led her in Switzerland at Hotel Institute Montreux. For better and for worse they will support each over to give this world a piece of hope and love through taking care ALL OF US.

“Her passion for this boy led her in Switzerland…” Hotel Institute Montreux-Switzerland

In conclusion, the world of hospitality management is the best way to expand your personality, like Miss Advocate Gen Z did. And as a powerful Gen Z and lovely person you are, you can do it.

Infographic created by the author

Thank you so much for taking time to read this blog post! Hope this little story gave you an idea of what I have been through during this time with Hospitality Management. If you enjoyed it, like and comment by telling your story too.

If you love my story, you may love also this blog post “Gen Z + Hospitality= better relationship” by Mr Bowei Li, Hospitality Bachelor student at Hotel Institute Montreux.

Author: Mandimby Tiavina Rajoel, Hospitality Master student at Hotel Institute Montreux (HIM), from Madagascar.

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13 comentarios
12 abr 2021

A very perspective and lovely storytelling, very interesting to read! I can felt you really love hospitality industry, your passion motivated me, your story looks very powerful, hoping we won’t be disappointed with our choice

Me gusta

23 ago 2020

It is lovely storytelling which narrates about how we become passionate about something, that it doesn't come in one moment and it is not like you know beforehand what you want to be occupied in your life. I love how you described this process of 'falling in love with Mr. Hospitality Management' with the element of a doubt – 'breaking the ice' – and how finally Ms. Advocate Gen Z is in love with what she is doing, as she finally has found her passion for life. I know many of us, children of Gen Z, have doubts about our future specialization since our lives are fast-paced, and to make a choice is not that easy sometimes... So, thank yo…

Me gusta

21 ago 2020

Besides the humorous and cute way of telling the story, it really has a value to tell about the characteristics of Gen Z. I liked the idea of creating a love story, which actually happening, most probably with everyone studying hospitality, so I could totally identify. I loved this story!

Me gusta

19 ago 2020

What an interesting love story! When Miss Advocate Gen Z and Mr Hospitality Management get together, our world will become more romantic and beautiful.

Me gusta

19 ago 2020

I think the way you talks about the story, to say that's a "love story" is so cute! But I really feel the story is so real, just like me when I first interested in this major, and when I first time come to school.

Me gusta
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