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  • Simeon Valtchanov

Yes! Generation Z will make it in the Hospitality industry.

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

As part of Generation Z I will make the readers and the numerous critics understand why

our generation is the future, and how it might end up being the game changer in the

hospitality industry.

After reading many articles about our generation and getting opinions from elders I could

say that the general opinion is not very positive. We have been criticised for spending way

too much time on technology and being self locked into our own virtual world. Some

specialists would argue that Generation Z is greatly incapable or uninterested to work for

this industry. Some of those reasons of being incapable is coming from the fact that we

may be insecure while dealing with clients because we spend more time on technology

and innovation than having human interaction. Some study says that we also prefer

having virtual communication than personal one and this fact goes against what many

specialists believe is the most important factor in the hospitality industry-customer service.

Another article says that our generation is not very interested in the industry because of

the heavy working hours, the low wages and the fact that we get to deal a lot with clients.

Yes, and statistics show that there is outflow in hospitality industry and that in some

countries there will be lack of people to work in hotels.

Generation Z performing service and being guests at Hotel Institute Montreux

But not so fast. Our generation is just getting started to be part of the work force. Most of

the people born between 1996-2009 are still either at school or some of them finishing

their Bachelor Degree. We, as people especially from Hotel Institute Montreux are very

passionate and emotional in what we are doing, very highly technological and we have

different ways that we deal with life. For instance most of us are ambitious in starting our

own business. We want to innovate. However we are still beginning entering the hotel

industry and there are very few people who are managers in a hotel that are coming from

our generation. With this said one of my major point is that once we have more people

from our generation in managerial positions, the world will see how well we will be fitting in

hotels. For now is fair to say that recruiters and managers are coming mostly from

previous generations. By looking at the problems with the outflow of Generation Z in some

countries, some changes could be made.

Yes, Generation Z are still in the classrooms

Our generation understands each other and we know what we want. In terms of

technology and innovation, great changes could be made to tackle these problem. Few

suggestions could be applied to increate the amount of Generation Z in the hospitality,

and one of them is engage workers more to the latest trends in technology. For instance

ordering food could be made digital, in this way speeding up the process of serving the

food and the amount of working time. It will also deal with the problem when for example a

hotel is understaffed. With the help of technology less people could deal with the

restaurant. We will not need many people to be in reception either as we could introduce

self check-in and have few people around for assistance only. With these changes a lot of

energy will be cut from the workers side and they will be more engaged into taking care

that the system is working well. Thus eliminating great physical activity and overworking.

From customers perspective we will alway have people that will be assisting the

customers, however dealing with checking them in or taking orders could be something

which will stay in the past.

Friendly and passionate representatives of Generation Z

Generation Z is extremely friendly and liked to be listened. As part of this generation the

suggestions mentioned above is to make people understand that thanks to technology

and innovation we could deal with all kinds of problems. Even if there are not many

people that are willing to work in hotels we could make drastic changes so that less people

are engaged in the industry. However I believe with having technology more and more

involved, we will see a inflow of Generation Z in the hospitality industry and thus changing

the way people have dealt with clients before to a whole new level. We are the fresh

beginning of the industry and critics and older generation must start acknowledge our


Author: Mr. Simeon Valtchanov, Hospitality Bachelor Student at Hotel Institute Montreux, from Bulgaria.

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Dear Simeon, thank you very much for your post! I really liked your phrase "Our generation understands each other and we know what we want." It is true that we feel more each other than the previous generations. And it is also true that due to our developed "friendly" skills, it will be easy for us to establish a connection with the customer while working in the hospitality industry...

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