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Gen Z + Hospitality = better relationships!

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

I have read various reports that all are saying that Generation Z is not willing nor interested in meeting and talking with new people, however I am standing from the opposite side of this point of view. I insistently believe that the Generation Z who are working in hospitality industry can create better relationships with other generations. Consequently, it is necessary to support and encourage more and more Generation Z to join the hospitality industry for warming and cheering up other generations. Let me explain to you.

Induction day at Hotel Institute Montreux

Nowadays, people are getting more and more stressful from their faster life pace with the impact of the developing of global economies. So that leading to a phenomenon which people would not only forget or pay less attention to care about the relationships with people, but also they are turning vigilant, lesser kindness and friendliness.

However, the students who had already studied in hotel management schools are more sensitive and know how to better react and defuse the awkward atmosphere thanks to their experiences from different working situations and knowledge from school. For example, during my studying time at Hotel Institute Montreux I had 2 internships, one of these was at InterContinental Geneva as room service trainee. At the beginning I had no idea with how to react when I was involved into an awkward situation such as customers complaining, talking with customers who are not English speaker, and so on... But I was eager to solve these problems more than any others who did not have experience or knowledge about this industry. Of course, it is based on my own personality which is extrovert, out-going and sociable. But honestly, people who are shy and introvert, once they are working in the hospitality industry, they would also become happy to solve issues, to make guests happy and to fulfil themselves. The reason why I am saying that we should support and encourage more and more Generation Z to join the hospitality industry. We have a better ability to accept and adapt new environments, as well as, we are more positive which could help us to control our own emotions. Gen Z can create better relationships in the hospitality industry.

Bachelor graduates from Hotel Institute Montreux

During my first internship, I have met some customers who were not willing to talk with people or even going outside. Usually I was trying to serve them in a more relaxed and comfortable way, because it seemed to me they had a lot of stresses from their daily life. It was very nice to chat with them and helping them to distract few minutes from their work. Sometimes, my customers were complaining about some personal issues. I was listening to them, trying to give some good ideas, as well as warming and cheering them up. For sure there are people questioning if it would affect my mood or motivation, my answer is no. On the contrary, feeling that you can be useful to someone else is the best recognition you can get!

According to my experiences and study, I realised that firstly, relationships between people are colder and colder with the growing of their age and experiences. Secondly, comparing to the traditional service, customers tend to prefer being served with more professional and less stressful attitude. I believe that people are not completely ruthless, they are just trying to prevent others from looking through them, or they paid too much time and attention on their work. So I believe that the Generation Z can create better relationships: they are the best group of people to work in the hospitality industry, due to that they are more active, enthusiastic and greathearted.

As a conclusion, I believe that we should support and encourage more and more Generation Z to join the hospitality industry, in order to make people’s distances closer and closer, instead of keeping people away from each other.

Students in front of Hotel Institute Montreux main building

Thanks for your reading, I hope that you could get the information which you want from my article, if you like this article, please share with your friends, if you have any suggestion, please leave a comment

Author: Mr. Bowei Li, Hospitality Bachelor Student at Hotel Institute Montreux (HIM), from China

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