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  • Yuliya Yestifeyeva

How to assign tasks for Generation-Z?

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Let's begin the story...

Elizabeth grew up. She is 32 years old, she represents the Generation-Y, and she is the head of the department in a large company. Elizabeth needs an intern. Such as Theo.

Theo is the representative of Generation-Z, generation of people who born in the late 1990´s and early 2000´s. Theo is 22 years old, and he wants to work under the guidance of Elizabeth. Elizabeth likes Theo: he is cheerful and modern, it seems they understand each other perfectly, but they do not. Where Elizabeth was unhappy about work, but she did it, Theo is happy about it and he goes looking for a new job.

Such people, like Theo, already worked in your company. Each generation is stronger and smarter than the previous one. The employees of our Generation-Z will make the company better, but managers need to find an approach to them.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

The confusion of generations

When Theo was 10 years old he started to learn technology, which is necessary for our generation, but Elizabeth at the same age did not have any type of digital devices. They live in the same world but grew up in different one. Elizabeth is a migrant in a country where there are users of new technologies: in her childhood, there was no Internet, but she uses it well. Theo grew up in the digital environment. He almost did not use the telephone, does not remember the mobile number of friends. He almost did not write by hand and does not consider signs via SMS. He thinks differently.

Theo has 467 Followers on “Instagram”, 613 friends on Facebook. He is not able to build strong relationships with people. He stops keeping in touch with people when a crisis happens in the relationship. The same happens with the work. If Theo does not like anything, he is looking for a new place. Because of the Internet technology Theo´s world is wider: “If this one is not my friend anymore , so I will find another one. If not this company, I am going to find another one.”

People are calling the Generation-Z lazy and egoists. Not the best standards for the people who try to find a job. But you need to work with us. We are talented and better oriented in the world. Theo quickly analyses a large amount of information, he produces new and original solutions, can easily handle multiple tasks at the same time. He is a treasure for the employer, but to get the treasure, you need to put the task in a different way.

Parents Care

Theo started to work when he was 17 years old, so in his 22 years, he is independent, but it is just seeming like this. Most of Theo´s peers already changed jobs three times, and most of them living with their parents. Theo is not ready for the challenges of an adult. His life was planned by his parents: he was swimming, used to go to the fortepiano classes. Then he went to the courses in Chemistry and History. Parents decided everything for him. And now he wants Elizabeth to do the same.

The employer has to put the tasks specifically, with the draft of all details. Like for the child.

In the first case, Theo will try to find an information online: how to deal with this task. He will find some examples, and he will deal with it just to finish as fast as possible.

In the second case, Theo will do the task on time and according to the instructions. But he will use the creative ideas, such as, in the visual design of the report.

Challenges of Work

It seems that with the new generation is better not to work with: We are unmotivated, lazy and capricious. I think that the new generation will replace us soon, which is going to be talented and independent kids-geeks. They are going to be good leaders.

Generation-Z is easily influenced. We can be very good employees. Here are a few secrets that will help to educate us:

  • Talk briefly, write just the points. Children of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are not able to get the information by the long sentences. Tasks should be just in the few sentences. And then you should be able to explain everything by the points. Each item should consist of no more than 20 words. We are the Generation-Z bad in remembering because we grew up in an environment where we can easily find all the information on the Internet.

  • Images. New employees better understand images than words. Instructions in the pictures or in the form of video more effectiveness for us. We grew up in the era of videos and photos. Development strategy is going to be clearer for us by the pictures than the list with the items.

  • Put the LIKES. We are praised by parents and teachers for each school competition, we have received certificated. Under our photos, we are getting LIKES and comments. We are accustomed to be praised, but we are not considering them like it is something special for us. Generation-Z cannot work without just a small praise. Praise and rewards are not motivating Generation-Z, but their absence makes us out of normal life.

  • Let us spend time with gadgets. We are living in them. Generation-Z – every day use technologies such as laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Change tools, use new technologies as much as possible. It is all increases our efficiency and interest in the work. Do not make us carry paper charts and reports.

  • Clear Deadline. Our Generation-Z understand what is the deadlines, but because of procrastination we often ignore them. Make the time of deadlines clear and put fines for non-compliance. Set strict but fair control action.

I am sure that our Generation-Z will make companies better, but the company has to find the right way how to work with us by using new technologies. We have a lot of ideas in our minds and we know how to work with digital world.

If you have any questions, let me know!

Author: Mrs. Yuliya Yestifeyeva, Hospitality BBA Student at Hotel Institute Montreux (HIM), from Kazakhstan

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