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  • Yulia Kapustina

5 steps to improve your online learning experience

Hi everyone, hope you’re doing well and staying safe during this time! In this blog post I’ll be talking about the most important aspect that makes digital natives (an internet generation born between 1996 - 2010) stand out from others and how online learning benefits Gen Zers nowadays.

To begin with, I want to go back to my childhood or more precisely the day when I got my first computer as a birthday present at the age of 7. At first, I wasn’t much entertained by this new technology in my room until I discovered my first ever Russian online social media called VK (VKontakte meaning “in contact”). There I would chat with friends, play video games, and listen to free music.

Author’s computer from childhood

Years went by while I was reaching the level of a proficient user and my screen time was growing at an exponential rate. Throughout my teenage life I had an unstable relationship with the Internet and social media: they were both my friends when I wanted to unwind or sought for useful information and enemies when it would come to me watching “Gossip Girl” literally all day long during exam week. And now you may ask, why did we need to hear your story? Well, in order to understand Gen Z it’s great to know a standard portrait of a Gen-Zer because I’m sure almost every member of this generation had an experience with technology similar to mine. Just like with any new thing in your life you eventually learn how to use it to your advantage. However, as we all know, to learn something (in our case digital skills) we need time and this is what we ,as Gen Z, had in stock since we were born.

Generation Z matured together with the Internet, social media, and cutting-edge technology. In my opinion, this is our biggest strength. The oldest Gen-Zers are now finishing college and ready to enter the workforce. They must embark on this journey in the middle of a global pandemic. Companies that have been able to successfully adapt their business model through online solutions have generally recovered quicker than others after the first wave. During the quarantine employers have realized that they need to look for versatile employees who can work from any part of the world, are able to multitask, “have the desire to learn and the ability to adapt to any working environment” as mentioned in another Z. Lab blog post “Gen-Z in the workplace, no time for hesitations & doubts.” Members of Internet Generation are the best candidates for this position!

Now let me ask you a few questions: what do you think about distance learning? is it boring and not for you? what if I tell you that you’re very lucky to experience it as it’ll have a huge impact on your future career? Well, hope I intrigued you. Pay attention. Working as a freelancer is increasingly popular and profitable, especially during these unprecedented times. A freelancer is basically a self-employed person usually working from home but most importantly on his own. Do you need time to learn to be a freelancer? Sure! You must understand how to motivate yourself, manage your time, plan out your day, work without any support from your fellow employees, rely only on yourself and your skills and learn how to cope with distractions. Seems like a very similar skill set for an online learning student, huh? We are also studying (for us it’s like a work) from home and on our own but receive no money in return.

Author attending a Zoom conference.png

This idea came to me during a conversation with my dad when I asked him why he wasn’t doing the necessary extra work for his business during free time. He simply told me that it’s impossible for him to work at home because he can’t focus due to many distractions. It was the moment when it hit me that all Gen-Zers around the globe starting from primary school to senior students in college are now acquiring all the necessary skills an employee will need in a new reality.

5 steps to improve your online learning experience by the author

This highlights once again that the future is after Generation Z. Technology has afforded us different learning styles and tools, maturing in digital era provided us with necessary skills for our future career and the global pandemic taught us to manage our time and work on our own. Honestly, I don’t see any upcoming obstacles for my generation and usually catch myself thinking that I’m proud to be a member of it and there’s no other time I would rather live in!

Thank you for reading this post, hope it was helpful. Your support matters! Give this post a ♥️ and share it with people who want to learn more about Gen Z.

Author: Ms. Yulia Kapustina, Business and Hospitality Student at Hotel Institute Montreux, from Russian Federation.

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Jan 31

Studying at an online college is a very convenient option for those who want to study at a distance or do not have the opportunity to attend a physical college. Using a computer to take notes also has its advantages, such as the ability to easily organize and save information, and to quickly share it with other students. However, it is important to remember that working with a computer requires discipline and organization so as not to miss important material and assignments, so I very often use the fact that I can use a recorder to record my screen and send videos to my classmates. This site will allow you to choose a handy recorder for you if you are also…


Jan 19, 2022

It is very true that even the freelancer have a lot of things to learn about planning the day and so on. Very good topic.


Jul 12, 2021

It is agreeable to the technology around Gen Z, and we survival with this flow. Really nice analysis.

Jul 11, 2021

The author's analysis is very accurate!The connection between the Internet and Age Z is exactly what she says.

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