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  • Ad-cha Tongjaisod,

Is Generation Z willing to relocate?

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

I love to travel! Who don’t?

I think most people love to travel, to explore the world, to meet new people, to

exchange the culture and to find his/her inspiration. Especially, new generation like

Generation Z, who born after 1996 and grow up with technology that connects the

World together, this World is smaller and smaller for them.

This World is smaller and smaller

In the reality - are they ready to work away from home? Are they ready to relocate

around the work? (especially working in the hospitality industry) or it is opportunity

travel by working in a hospitality industry.

Photo by Deanna Ritchie on Unsplash

As I’m part of Gen Z that loves to travel, the first career that comes on my mind and

has an opportunity to travel around is a job within tourism field. Thus, many students

choose to study in hospitality because they love and want to travel around the world,

plus earn the money in the same time.

Many students choose to study in hospitality because they love and want to travel around the world, plus earn the money in the same time.

Thank you to Hotel Institute Montreux, I could say that Hotel Institute Montreux gives me an opportunity to travel, as our program allowed every the student to do the internship anywhere in the world!. Generally, each internship will take around 6 months which this is a great opportunity for everyone to explore the world and receive a hospitality experience.

Referring to my own internship experience, I decided to do my first internship in

Thailand, where I came from, but I did not choose neither my home town nor

Bangkok, the capital. I decided to apply in a luxury hotel in Phuket Island in the

south of Thailand, which I have been there only twice in my life. I was very excited

because I’m on my own, I do not have any friend or relative in Phuket and I need to

work there for 5 months. After my internship, I received many things that I did not

expect at first such as I learned southern local language, I understand the culture

and religion diverse in the south of Thailand, and now I can even say that I have

many friend in Phuket!.

Furthermore, the one who loves to travel, there is one career that you can work and

travel at the same time; cruise ship! Most people knew that working on the cruise ship is great chance to travel in various routes around the world and also earn a lot of money. One of my good friends had an opportunity to do her internship with one of the world’s biggest cruise ship company “The Royal Caribbean”. The contract duration is 10 months - the question is it exceeds 6 months that Hotel Institute Montreux gives us so are we allow to

do? Yes, Hotel Institute Montreux opens 4 terms a year which means your starting

date of the study is very flexible depends on your decision. This is also an

opportunity for the student to learn and manage his/her own schedule further.

After my friend went through every condition, she agreed to sign a contract with

them for 10 months in the Food &Beverage department. It seems like hard work

because you need to stay on the cruise 24/7; work, eat, and sleep in the same

place, some people like to work and stay in the same place because it is convenient

to go to work. On other hands, some people wish to have a workplace far away from

his/her accommodation, to make a space between work and personnel life, for

instance they will only think about work only at the work place and leave everything

behind when they are home. The journey during internship, the cruise will have a

route with different duration could be from 4 days up to a week per trip, normally the

cruise will stop on one destination a day so if the crew have a day off - they could

visit the destination like the guest. Imagine you have 2 days off during a trip, you

already travel to two places in a week. That’s the reason why this is a dream career

for the one who loves to travel.

After I graduate, I want to start my first career in hospitality field especially in a Sales

and Marketing Department, I like to work in the back of the house, and sales are one

of the positions that had an opportunity to travel. This idea came up while I’m doing

my first internship in Sales and Marketing department in Phuket, the sales manager

travels every month to do a sales call or attend the trade show worldwide, she travel

to work all around the world and now she’s only 32 years old. Personally, I want to

work or move around when I’m still young and energetic that are around 22-35 years

old before settle down with a secure job.

Photo by Wesley van 't Hart on Unsplash
I’m willing to relocate for work and travel but it should be the location that is acceptable for me and family.

Relocate anywhere in the world?

I’m willing to relocate for work and travel but it should be the location that is

acceptable for me and family. I would dream to work in the famous cities such as,

London, New York, Dubai, and Paris. Due to the fact that not everyone could choose

the destination of your work place so if that place is safe and secure enough, it is

acceptable for me. Even though it is a famous place like Paris but if there is a protest

such as yellow vest during the time I would rather change to other destinations that I

feel secure to live and work.

Gen Z are ready to Relocate and Ready to do new things!

Especially, Generation Z in hospitality school like Hotel Institute Montreux, we

were trained to be relocated, meet new people, accept the cultural diversity since

year one and we will develop more experience and skills while study both academic

and practical in Switzerland and Worldwide.

This blog is only one of the GEN Z’s perspective! Find the new perspective from the

new generation by following us on Instagram @GEN_Z_Lab or www.zlab-byhim.


Author: Ms Ad-cha Tongjaisod, Hospitality Bachelor Student at Hotel Institute Montreux, from Thailand.

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