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  • Gaelle Boutros

We’re from the same generation, but the total opposite!

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Can you imagine that? A whole generation, behaving the same, having the same interest’s and personalities…That’s not reality. Whenever I hear or read something that has to do about Generation Z, it’s all the same. Gen Z only care about the newest trends, posting selfies, and nothing else, because we’re the social media generation… Well, stop. Stop taring the whole generation with the same brush and stereotype Gen Z. There are individual differences that needs to be considered.

The author and her sister. Two versions of Gen Z.

I was born in 1998, which makes me part of the Gen Z. But I couldn’t be more different from how other people view us. When it comes to social media, I don’t really care for it. I post a picture on Instagram occasionally, whereas Facebook is only used for messenger or to wish someone happy birthday. Honestly, if someone were to tell me that there’s a place where I can spend my days reading or writing with no Wi-Fi, I wouldn’t hesitate to pack my bags and spend the rest of my life there. Compared to my little sister who is 5 years younger than me, loves social media. She can spend a whole day online, whether it’s to Snapchat with someone or do online shopping, anything that’s not homework. But here’s a kicker, she LOVES to train karate and compete. I started to train before her, but she joined a couple of years after and now she’s surpassed me. She’s won several trophies and might even become a part of the national karate team. *Sigh* Little idiot even went to the gym on Christmas Day. CHRISTMAS DAY! Can you imagine? Yes, we’re sisters but completely different. We sometimes joke about one of us being adopted *GASP*. If I got a dollar for every time someone told me that I looked like my mom, I would be rich. She’s a Gen X, same with my dad and that’s the parent my sister takes after. Although, our personalities and interests are the same, sort of. We both love food, so at least that’s something.

While I’m a bit mad at how, maybe not everyone, but most of the older generation seems to think we’re all the same, I can understand why. If you look around, you’ll see many Gen Z walking around with they’re head down, looking at their phone. But the thing is, that it’s not only Gen Z doing it, but other generations as well, so there’s no need to stereotype Gen Z because of that.

We were born in the digital era, surrounded by smartphones, tablets, social media, and we CARE. About a lot of things and yet, older generations have the nerve to say we’re ignorant. We’re addressing climate change and trying to save this planet, our only home, for ourselves and the generations that come after us. When it comes to politics, we don’t want the dumbed down version because we understand more than you think. When we make choices about voting, protest and choose sides, we’re being selfish and are thinking about us, how our future would look. Don’t ignore us and our words just because we’re the social media generation. Cause we’re a lot more than that.

And yes, some of us have similar personalities, we like the same things and that’s fine. I live for the moments I spend with my sister, just gossiping or watching a tv show together which we both like. So, if you were to meet someone who’s your twin or the opposite of yourself, who knows? That person might become your best friend. Gen Z is a weird generation, at least in my opinion. There are times that I ask myself “Am I seriously the same age as these people?”, but what can I say, we’re weird and the world could do with more people who are weird, cause we have the best ideas.

Infographic made by the author

A friend of mine, Ravish Gopee wrote about how we shouldn’t stereotype Gen Z in the workplace and how employers can change their perception. We not the same, no one is, and everyone needs to understand that. Don’t stereotype us because you’ve seen one side of Gen Z and then ignored the other side. As for the people of Gen Z, stand up and don’t be afraid to show your difference. I would love to know what makes you different, in the comment section below. I won’t change the way I am, and I don’t want my sister to either. We’re like two sides of a coin, but we’re part of the same coin.

Author: Ms. Gaelle Boutros, Hospitality Bachelor Student at Hotel Institute Montreux (HIM), from Sweden.

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