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  • Louise Sze Hau

What studying in Hotel Institute Montreux means to me?

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Generation Z is currently the biggest living generation around the world and lots of them is already on their pathways to seek of higher education. Are you one of the Generation Z who are vexed with deciding which college is the best for you?

Students at Hotel Institute Montreux

As one of the Generation Z, I am the one who have reached that period of time to make decision on which college is suitable for me to enrich my knowledge and develop on my future career. And now I have chosen to be a member of the Swiss Education Group, a year two student who is studying in Hotel Institute Montreux, a school that providing various aspects of knowledge that related to hospitality and hotel management.

According to the article by Pearson, (the Generation Z: Get to know your students), it stated that from the survey which conducted by Barnes & Noble College, the result shows that the Generation Z sees college as a way to a worthy job and they think there are three core criterions a college should have. And those were part of the numerous of reasons that led me to make the decision on studying in Hotel Institute Montreux because it is a school which can fulfil those three guidelines.

Freedom to choose my specialisation

The first one of the four core criterions a college should have is how the school helps students to prepare themselves on their chosen future careers. As hotel industry included different aspects of professionalism, in order to let us better know about the exact direction of reaching a specific department or position, studying in Hotel Institute Montreux for the second year, I was able to choose my specialisation on three different particular areas which could brought me knowledge about human resource department, finance department or the luxury industry.

Mr. Von Arx, Executive Director of UBS Switzerland joined HIM Finance Specialisation students as a guest lecturer

To regard as a Generation Z, I appreciate that I can have freedom to decide of what are really related to my future but many students may have the confusion about which specialisation is the most suitable for them, this situation occurred on me too. However when I was worrying about that, the school especially arranged some fellow schoolmates who were taking the course of the specialisation at that time to explain about what are the focus cores of those three specialisation and which type of personality will be more suitable to which course. Owing to this action that letting my fellow schoolmates to express their own experiences of studying in Hotel Institute Montreux, I was able to know more about the feelings of studying each of the specialisation and the exact knowledge that I could earn from it, instead of just knowing the outline of each courses. It helped me a lot on deciding on my future as the knowledge that I could earn from the specialisation would be very useful for my future career.

Internship coach to guide me

Moreover, I am able to get a lot of help on finding internship and set my pathway to my ideal job. As students need to have two internships when they are studying in Hotel Institute Montreux and these two internships experience will be benefit a lot when you are looking for your future job because if you already have certain experience on those specific areas, this is a bonus base on your professional knowledge of the position. For instance, when I am seeking for internship, my internship coach will first help me to define about what department or aspect I am into and what internship I take will be most useful and benefit for seeking my future job. And then he will base on the discussion to recommend some choices for me. After that, he will still keep following up of my application of the hotel position until finish all the process. He helps me a lot in solving the problems from internship and introduces me how the two internships can help in my future career. We will also have internship classes in order to let us learn more about internship and our future career for example we will learn how to build an outstanding CV and cover letter and how to be a confident, dominant and eye catching candidate when applying a job.

HIM students with SWISS at a recruitment fair

Interesting coursework

The third criterion that has been mentioned in the survey as the top three core criterions a college should have is the interesting coursework. An interesting teaching method and course can create a strong impression for students and it can make them to better memorize the knowledge of different subjects. Base on that, studying in Hotel Institute Montreux will have a contented study journey because teachers here will use bounteous of video clips on classes in order to demonstrate different examples. Moreover, they will give us time to discuss about several of topics on different classes and have presentations in front of the whole class. It will make the class less boring as teacher will not be the only one who talk for the whole class, it will also be more interesting as we will have time to learn by discussing on one certain topic with group mates and learn from the other while listening to the other groups’ presentations. For coursework or exams, it will be more multifarious, not only written test will be assigned for us, sometime we need to make video for the final exam. It is a more compelling assignment and way to learn. This makes our learning journey more delightful and we will have more chances to learn about different skills such as the video editing skill.

Professors who care about student accomplishment

Last but not least, the fourth criterion that the survey has been mentioned as one of the three core criterions a college should have, also be seen as the one of my concerned condition which a great college should have is there are professors who care about student accomplishment. Teachers in Hotel Institute Montreux really pay attention on whether students actually understand on knowledge they taught. As an illustration, I am very bad at analyzing data of revenue management, so I ask my revenue management teacher many questions after class but he will not find me annoying and disturbing, he will still teaching me everything again patiently.

Mr Peter Slade, Wine & Beverages expert, with HIM students, who have completed the WSET II exam.

Due to the three core criterions a college should have, this makes the journey of studying in Hotel Institute Montreux much more enjoyable, the skills and knowledge we learn will be much more multifarious too.

Leave some words in the comment box and let me know what you are thinking! Share if you agree with me!

Author: Ms Louise Sze Hau, Hospitality Bachelor Student at Hotel Institute Montreux (HIM), from Hong Kong

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