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  • Clarence Carrion

When Covid19 hit us, all my plans became dust.

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

I was supposed to stay in Switzerland until July to complete my first year at Hotel Institute Montreux and then fly to London for an amazing 6 months internship. And finally, here I am, end of August, almost done with my fourth term.

4 months before:

I want to cry, I don’t know to do, I’m lost. My internship is cancelled, I’m stuck at home, my only contact with the exterior are Zoom classes and social media. My life at that moment is a mess.

Comes the moment where I have to make a decision: do I come back to school in July?

Big dilemma.

My heart says NO.

My parents say YES.

Really, studying during summer? While my sister, my friends are having sun baths.

No, sorry but not for me…

And here I am…

Back to my room the 29th of August:

These last weeks have been full of emotions, fun and challenges. Because of this unprecedent crisis, Gen Z had definitely to adapt.

And we did so quite successfully.

My classmates and I decided to come back to school, to study rather than having holidays or internships. To all people who satisfy and reassure themselves by saying we are lazy, effortless…, the decision we took proves the perfect opposite.

Studying during summer, permitted me to realize that, once in the active life, I will have to work also when others have fun. Actually, as I’ve chosen hospitality studies and that my mid-term objective is to work in a hotel, I do have to get used to it now.

And finally, I even found some positive aspects of studying in summer: while others have fun in holidays, I have fun at school and while others are depressed at school, I have fun in holidays. On top of that, I will entirely enjoy my term break, and not suffer at all of the crowd. Perfect isn’t it?

As Sui Tung Leung was citing in her blog Hotel Institute Montreux Once In A Lifetime Experience, Montreux is a very pleasant place to rest and be a tourist.

Thus, one of the hardest points of being at school during the summer season, is not to forget to study. Indeed, the school location adds a difficulty to this task! When the weather allowed it, we went as much as possible swimming. It’s an amazing feeling to be in the fresh water of the Lake Léman knowing that few hours before we were sitting in a classroom. I felt like these Californian students that we see on TV shows. Personally, my reference is the sitcom 90210 (the new one).

HIM Students going to swim (@Amandine Labar)

Moreover, studying in hospitality school implies that we have to wear uniforms. I like my uniform, it’s comfortable and I don’t have to stand for ages in front of my closet to choose which outfit I’ll wear today (I remember having lost precious minutes of my breakfast for that in High School!). But our uniform is perfect only for tempered seasons! Imagine yourself in a suit made of 60% of wool, and 30 degrees outside…

I need to clarify something very crucial: studying in summer at HIM does not look like a summer camp! Many of my friend back home think that I have fun only and that exams and assignments are secondary or look like kindergarten activities.

The author posing for a digital marketing video (@Amandine Labar)

I think that what I did realise this summer, is that these years are the one which will define a major part of my adulthood, but most important, these years are going some of the best in my life, with priceless memories. Nostalgia rimes with my topic: summer is the season of happiness, love stories, sunburnt and ice creams, brief of carefreeness.

I don’t want to turn this blog in a watery tone, but yes, I guess I’ll drop a tear at the end of this term.

Well, I assume my article comes to its end, so as a final word I just would you – my dear readers – to remember always to be positive even in new and challenging situations!

It’s now time for me to press the full point button and to go to enjoy my last summer times.


Infographic made by the author

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Author: Ms Clarence Carrion , Hospitality Bachelor Student at Hotel Institute Montreux (HIM), from France.

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