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Gen Z speaking: Before attracting us, let me tell you about our working and life attitude!

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

As time goes on, Gen Z are becoming a major group of consumer and workforce. From the perspective of a manager, how to attract them and cater to them is turning into a key point to create greater benefits for the company. So as to know more about this generation, let a Gen Z students from Hotel Institute Montreux, tell you what are Gen Z really think and care about.

Hotel Institute Montreux students winning team at SEG Sport Day.

Gen Z is the generation that born after 1995, we are easily to be connected together with Millennials but actually have a big difference as we are born in an Internet era. Now, Internet is an integral part of our lives. As the student, we learn digital strategies and we approach the internet and social platforms frequently for both promoting the school events and doing our assignments. Thus, I believe as employee or even manager, we would be able to use our digital strategies to win people’s attention especially Gen Z clients. According to Swathi. R. M., 80% of generation Z use social media everyday and 78% regard social media as the platform for advertising and improving brand awareness. So it’s really a good opportunity to find excellent digital workers to build excellent digital content of your company which is the best for developing brand awareness and reputation.

Gen Z: Culture Creators

Gen Z's potential for digital marketing

Since Gen Z will become main stream soon, I think it is better for companies or hotels to use Gen Z as their employees for the reason that they are part of the same generation: they would know more about latest trends, best communication way and individual's preferences, Any hotel or company want to build good relationship with its clients.

From Chanelbevis’s description , Gen Z like to interact with people and may have a greater potential to become employees with stronger comprehensive abilities as we prefer to work on multiple tasks at the same time. Moreover, many of us have higher education or degree compare to millennials. We were born in a world that full of new technologies and connectivity which make us get much easier and comfortable to accept and use some new technologies for creating better profit during working.

In terms of digital marketing, comparing to other Gen Z who major in hospitality management, our Hotel Institute Montreux students probably could be more familiar with digital experiences. We approach social media and digitalized business promotion almost every term. Since our school have the simulations related to sales and marketing like promoting our own banquet, we would use digital strategies such as design posters, create and manage social media accounts. Through our school assignment and class, we can learn many useful different marketing strategies from many famous brands and companies which are really helpful for us to enrich our knowledge and build a more concrete concept of digital marketing.

After all, the most important thing we learn at Hotel Institute Montreux is to be well-prepared for a better working in this age of digital and Internet.

Hotel Institute Montreux student who won a Champagne competition, followed by a trip to Champagne region!

Gen Z attitude regarding work life balance

It is said that Gen Z are full of creativity, courage and optimistic attitude towards future job and life. As Randstad pointed out that almost one- third of us prefer the job with a wellness program. Most of us think health care could be the most important benefit of our work while having a flexible time for working is the second benefit within our working concern as an employee. So what are really important for the company that want to attract Gen Z is to pay more attention to improve the working experience and environment. Gen Z employees want to feel they are working in a humanised company that concerns about their health. They also want to have spare time for their personal lives.

Larkin. N. says that we care about the training and the improvement in our career. Many of us choose the college for the reason that we hope to get working experience and practical training in advance. According to Chanelbevis, we also desire to be the entrepreneur and start our own business in the future. So company should better combine the point of cultivating abilities and inspiration which is good for us to improve our competence and helpful for us to build our own business someday. In addition, Chanelbevis reported that almost 93% of us would like to do something good for the world not only for ourselves. As the manager of a company or a brand, if you want to attract Gen Z, you can come up with more programs that contribute to community and society as much as possible, such as practice sustainability and some charity activities, which can create positive impacts for the world. Last, as I mentioned before, wellness program and show us you can offer us with more personal time are really good for attracting us.

Time to relax for Hotel Institute Montreux students :)

To target Gen Z clients

To atttract Gen z as clients, first you should know they born in the world with high connectivity and technologies, don’t forget use more digital marketing strategies. We spend most of our time on mobile devices to get new information and even make decision. According to ehotelier, companies can use high technologies and social media to draw our attention. We like to approach simple things, not only during communication and relationship building but also for some advertising video or article that is easy, short and related to your products are much better to make us stay longer. From my perspective, when we buy something, we are more likely to enjoy the experience we rather than the product itself. We prefer more personalised and unique services and experiences. When the brand get these points, they may can leave a good impression and build long relationships with us.

So after reading, how do you think about Gen Z now? Do you know more about us? Are you inspired for how to attract them? You can leave your comments and we are looking forward to know if our article is really helpful to you.

Author: Ms Wenyi Xang, Hospitality Bachelor Student at Hotel Institute Montreux (HIM), from China.

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