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Gen Z, masters of time management?

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Due to globalization, the value of time has grown, and the skill of time management is highly needed to compete for success. In the present, not only the time at work or university is enough for being a good candidate for an open position, as recruiters focus on your activity in various fields of social media such as LinkedIn, Instagram or even Tiktok. The question that we want to answer today is where do I find the time to go to work, do sports and create content for my social media accounts.

Author on the left attending Instagram masterclass to be more efficient.

Our day includes 24-hours, equally to everyone. To maintain a healthy lifestyle you sleep for about 8 hours per night. From the 16 hours you have left you work half of it leaving you 8 hours to invest on yourself. 8 hours sounds like a lot of time, and probably at this point you’re wondering how you are spending your time. To be honest, that 8 hours includes your time eating, travelling to work, getting yourself ready and resting/relaxing. So, how can you be more efficient with the 8 hours you’ve been given, the wrong answer is to sleep less to get more time. Is Gen Z more efficient? How do they manage their time? Lets go deeper into that...

How to be efficient?

The truth is that none of us work like robots, even I don’t. Finding motivation for a certain goal, and dedicating yourself to achieve it helps me to be more efficient and better with time management. The most important thing when making the decision of making your daily routine efficient is to understand that the change won’t happen in a day, or maybe a week, as you have to work hard in the start to get used to a more strict way of living. After obeying the routine for more than two weeks, your body will get used to it, and you will start feeling better and more productive.

Author creating content for social media in a cool atmosphere.

How does this differ to Generation Z compared to older generations?

In the end, the older generation have also had competition globally, especially in hospitality businesses, and also have had to think about their own health, to be more efficient and energized when working. The difference is that on top of concentrating at the workplace and looking after their health is that more recruiters are demanding social media activity, especially from us, the Generation Z, as stereotypically we don’t do anything else than be on our phones and like pictures. Recruiters not only check the applicants social media accounts for possible abuse of alcohol, usage of drugs or other ways of unstable lifestyle, but more concentrate on the applicants activity on showing their passion towards their career and their hunger for success. This doesn’t mean that you only update your social media when searching for a job or being unemployed, but how you work on it continuously to create the best picture of yourself to the future recruiters, superiors or even own employees.

Author managing his Instagram account

How does Generation Z stand out from the rest?

Quoting our other blogger Sarah El Khoury It is hard at the beginning, but our passion to do things makes it a lot easier on us”, Sarah brings out the strengths of Generation Z adapting to new challenges fast, as we motivate ourselves to catch up the others and stand up by working with passion. Same applies to life outside of work, because eventually, everything we do will affect our daily lives and career. Knowing that most of our generation are at the starting point of our careers, we acknowledge that now is the easiest time to build your base and routine, as in later phases of the career changing life routines or adapting to something different might not be as easy as in the start. This makes us Gen Z more efficient and better time managers.

Are you up to the challenge?

What do you think about my blog post, is it something achievable and necessary, or total trash and unnecessary suffering?

Please comment below and share my blog to create awareness on time management and to understand better the situation of Generation Z.

If you’re interested in reading another blog post, I recommend Sarah’s blog that I quoted earlier.

Good luck with changing your daily routine to be more efficient!

Author: Mr Felix Linnarinne, Hospitality Bachelor Student at Hotel Institute Montreux (HIM), from Finland.

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Jul 12, 2021

As Gen Z, I had not good enough on time management. Thank you for the article sharing the way how to manage, and remind me not to waste time.


Apr 19, 2021

i for one am not a master of time management


Apr 18, 2021

I love your topic and I agree with you

Apr 10, 2021

Yes, I totally agree with you. Sometimes I also think if 10 years later I can say a word to me what will be, I believe it is also let me not waste time! Lol!!! As Generation Z, we have passion and time. The only thing we need to pay attention to is how to use our time wisely.


Apr 08, 2021

well said!

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