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  • Karolina Petrova

Generation Z: is it generation of loafers or geniuses?

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Let me tell you a quick story about Generation Z and you will decide if they are really generation of loafers or geniuses. To understand better who is the Generation Z I will start from myself I was born in 2000 and I am part of the new generation, Gen Z. I am the one who grow up with the latest technology, trendy, always sharing photos and videos on Instagram and it has been just normal part of my life. I know that my generation is very interesting subject for criticism for the generations who came before us. Sometimes we are called lazy, technologically – addicted or less knowledged and when I hear this I want to defend us and show that is all stereotypes.

When I ask myself “Am I a loafer or genius” I directly get an image of myself seating most of the time in front of the computer or with phone on hand. Yes it might seem from the side, that I am a lazy girl who spend most of her time in front of the screen. But in reality it is not like that, maybe I have more passive lifestyle but it is not because that I am bored or has nothing to do and spend the time in front the computer, is just all my work and education connected to the internet. My mother who is part of generation X use to say “You are lazy generation not capable to do a simple thing without use of technologies, for you everything is available and easy, but at our time we lived without all this new technologies and we know what is real hard work” I agree that our lifestyle nowadays compare to 30 years ago is completely different and I know that my parents are way smarter than me and they know more about this world. However I teach them how to use the latest technologies or how to go online and buy things. I process information much faster than my parents do and I am not loafer is just using technologies make my life way easier and more comfortable.

I think that Generation Z by being at young ages still doing well, I consider us more independent, socially connected and self-sufficient. Me personally from very young age I have always wanted to be independent and make my own decision, when I was 16 years old without informing my parents I found a summer job and start working. It was challenging but at the same time I was feeling happy that I am capable to make my own money and don’t ask from my parents. Furthermore at the work most of my co-workers were from Generation Z and very often my supervisor were surprising that we are so young but so much patinated about the work that we perform. Yes we felt proud that being only an intern we do better than the people who were much older and experienced than us. I can say that my generation is very ambitious and even though we are still young, we try to prove that we can do well and we will be able to change world in the future.

When I speak with my friends about their future plans or work, I see that most of them career driven and see themselves as entrepreneurial. Some of my friend thinking about how to turn their hobbies into the job. Furthermore when it comes to work based on my personal experience I can say that when Gen Zers search for the job we look for the growth opportunities, for us is more important the environment and the mission of the company. If we feel not comfortable or companies value doesn’t match with ours, we will change job easily. Moreover we prefer to work alone and we learn by observing rather than someone telling us what to do, we like to have feedbacks and supportive leadership style like this we feel appreciated.

The author Karolina, during her internship.

When its again comes to question, the generation that I belong are loafers or geniuses, I see us more being a geniuses rather than loafers, young geniuses who will change the world in the future!

Sometimes I hear from Millennials or generation X about gen Z phrases like “we were thinking they will be more knowledged and educated than we do, but they are not” and that’s again stereotypes. Yes I agree that nowadays we are not using anymore a traditional methods of education which our parents used to, because for us is more its antique method we prefer more to learn through watching a YouTube or other websites instead of reading books. Everything is very simple, we are very straightforward and we always like to look for the answers that we can easily find and straight to the point. By using an internet for learning because it is very convenient and fast method, it doesn’t mean that we are not smart enough or uneducated. On contrary, we are capable to proceed information way faster and multitask at the same time. Nowadays young people already being 14 years old travel abroad alone to continue their studies to explore the world and have feeling that can change the world in nearest future. This makes them take responsibilities and be more matured. Me personally from 17 years old move to other country to continue my university and I can say that it was not an easy decision. At some point I was not sure in which career field I wanted to go, but I knew one thing that I want to be hospitality expert and open my business as soon as possible. After doing some research I found out that Hotel Institute Montreux follow the trend of how Generation Z study. Moreover after studying during very short period of time, the students graduate already being an expert in their field and with good working experience. That’s what fascinate me to apply directly to this university, without doing any more research.

Gen Z students at Hotel Institute Montreux

In Hotel Institute Montreux they provide theoretical and practical knowledge, we don’t use any books as we did in past all we need is just an iPad. What I like most is that teachers are very experienced and they know how to inspire the students and always keep them motivated. They share some life lessons, that you will definitely not find on internet and at some point they are like friend always encouraging not give up. Moreover by following the trend on how Gen Z study the studying life in this university is not always sitting in the classrooms and getting bored. They compensate the practical part as well, we do Food and Beverage service which teach us how to handle the food and serve the people. Organize a real event for big group of people and the students have to organize everything by themselves. This is challenging but at the same time amazing life experience which will help students a lot in the future. As well the students mandatory have to do an internship worldwide in different hotels, so at the age of 20 years you are ready specialist with two diplomas and work experience on hand. Isn’t it amazing? I think that there is no doubts that Gen Z being already 20 years old can be well educated and have some work experience on hand.

In short I believe that Gen Z are young geniuses who will change the world in the future. We live different kind of life than previous generations do, but just because our lifestyle is not the same as other generations, it does not necessarily mean that we are “loafers or uneducated”. We do consider work and education as part of our life and if we really like what we do, we will go beyond to do the our best. Moreover If we will receive from our older generation a proper guidance, support and not be treated as a stereotype, I believe that we will bring enormous changes in the future.

If you are following me till this paragraph, I would like to express my gratitude for reading my article. Now it is your time to decide if Generation Z; is generation of loafers or geniuses, furthermore if you would like to read more about GenZ and how they will change our future you can have a look at this article written by Mr Xin Luo The Future Belongs to Gen Z”. Moreover if you would like to share with your opinion or disagreement, please e-mail me:

Author: Ms. Karolina Petrova, Hospitality Bachelor Student at Hotel Institute Montreux, from Armenia.

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This article is definitely worth showing to the older generation, thats due to over criticism towards Gen Z. I agree with assumptions made in the blog post. I’ve personally been picked on by milennials and generation X and that wasn't constructive criticism but simple “smart comments“. It’s important to transmit the idea, that each and everyone of us is more developed in particular spheres, different from others. Therefore, it doesn’t mean that one individual is less educated or smart than other it just means that interests differ. Whatsmore, applying such principle to a whole generation of people is simply absurd.

Thank you for raising such entertaining and important issue!

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